Sunday, November 25, 2007


New poll shows that Americans are more in favor of the words 'Merry Christmas', and are getting fed up with the "Happy Holidays" that Democrats put forth.

Rasmussen also found 57 percent of respondents say they will attend a Christian service on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day this year.

This is what I like to see and hear. I'm glad to see that America is changing for the better!

- Jeremiah


  1. I always do my part. Merry CHRISTmas!!! And G-d bless us, everyone.

    It must be working.

  2. Psycheout,

    Yes, every voice I mentioned in an earlier thread on drug abuse...we don't necessarily have to be all together in one place to have a voice.

    If we each individually work toward the same goals and ideals we can make an immense difference for the better.

    God bless!
    - Jeremiah

    P.S. Did you come across that email for me?