Thursday, December 27, 2007


Pakistan — Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was killed Thursday in a suicide attack as she drove away from a campaign rally just minutes after addressing thousands of supporters, aides said.

The death of the charismatic former prime minister threw the campaign for the Jan. 8 election into chaos and created fears of mass protests and an eruption of violence across the volatile south Asian nation.

This certainly raises a lot of questions as to the future progress of democracy within the Greater Middle East. Opposition Leader Bhutto's only desire was for the spread and survival of democracy for the Pakinstani people there, and Freedom to prosper.

What a sad day for the people of Pakistan!

This can prove only one thing, friends, that despite those of us who wish for the good of mankind, that this should be as a reminder that the fight for freedom is a neverending struggle against the ones like the ones who've committed this atrocity against their own people. That our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the evil one who plants thoughts of bloodshed and violence in the hearts of those without a personal relationship with Christ who died to set us free from our inherent sinful nature.

As in the words of former Great President Ronald Reagan--
The real crisis we face today is a spiritual one; at root, it is a test of moral will and faith. Whittaker Chambers, the man whose own religious conversion made him a "witness" to one of the terrible traumas of or age, the Hiss-Chambers case, wrote that the crisis of the Western world exists to the degree in which the West is indifferent to God, the degree to which it collaborates in communism's attempt to make man stand alone without God."

"For Marxism-Lininism is actually the second-oldest faith, he said, first proclaimed in the Garden of Eden with the words of temptation "Ye shall be as gods." The western world can answer this challenge, he wrote, "but only provided that its faith in God and the freedom he enjoins is as great as communism's faith in man."

We fail to rise to this test, and we fail to answer God's call to us for spreading His blessing of freedom to the less fortunate people(s) in this cruel world? We fail to bring justice to the unjust barbarians of extremist view, at the peril of our own blessing of freedom.

~ Jeremiah

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  1. It's tragic that these savages use assassination rather than the ballot box to make their statements.

    The culprits need to be hunted down and brought to justice. The homicide bomber himself is burning in Hell right now. Imagine his surprise when he was greeted by a harem of demons rather than virgins.