Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Call To Christians

I was surfing the web earlier this evening, after reading a comment by a commenter at another political site, who asked a question concerning the number of Southern folk who consider themselves "Baptists." So, I decided to check around a little bit, and see what the data was showing. Well, as it turns out, I came across a site that was promoting Satanism, they are located in Ontario, Canada. I went to Google search engine, and typed in the following, "How many consider themselves Baptists." On the second or third result, I clicked on this.

Whenever I first went to the site, I thought I was visiting a site that was promoting good Christian behavior, because of the words "religious tolerance," and was fighting to combat the ever more secular and Satanic forces that seek to drive Christianity from the public square, but as I soon discovered, they weren't promoting what I had first thought, what I came to perceive in the writings of that site were of a dark and Evil mentality, hate driven propaganda towards all people of the Christian faith.

If you go there, and read on the first page, you will notice there, the first things they talk about, with glee, I might add, is a noted decrease in the percentages of people who identify themselves as Christians in America. They go on to note, from their deceited point of view, that from what they had gathered, that there presumably, "is not," a Christian revival in America. This is one way that Satan works through people to discourage, and spew hate on people of faith. The Satanists will say, this is the norm, Christianity is failing, so there "must," be somthing wrong with it.I would say to that, and in an utmost Canadian fashion, eh?????????????They've even got a list of the reasons that Satanism, as they see it, is the "better" way.

This is one of the things they promote, the Satanists form of - turn the other cheek - Here goes, "If someone strikes you on the cheek, "smash", did you get that?? "smash" him on the other. Now, that's not too hard to believe, considering the source, because Satan wants to smash everyone. The Satanists are promoting the very thing that Satan has them believing they can defeat.

Don't be fooled, friends, if someone strikes you, turn to him the other. But if you do like the Satanists say, and strike them on the other cheek, you're doing the very thing that Satan wants you to do. Remember, Satan doesn't believe in forgiveness.

Their site goes on to note other very, sick and mean spirited things - such as, only respect those whom it is due. This is how you interpret that definition, believe in yourself, and only respect those whom you want and wish to identify with. In other words, they're saying, hate all Christians, and love all those whom follow the world. Which is contrary to all that the Bible teaches, Matthew 5:44 -- "But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven." No Love is perfect without Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is perfect love.

Another area of the "religious tolerance"Satanic site, also goes on to state their beliefs about sexuality, which is what Satanism is basically built upon. They believe in "self-indulgence" instead of abstinence. To help you understand what some of it consists of, here's what they believe

These are some of the rules that Satanists practice:

Members enjoy indulgence instead of abstinence.

They practice with joy all the seven deadly Christian sins (greed, pride, envy, anger, gluttony, lust and sloth)

This next one is very disturbing:

Engage in sexual activity freely, in accordance with your needs (which may be best realized either through monogamy, or by having sex with many others; through heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality; using sexual fetishes as you wish; by yourself or with one or more consenting adults). The ideal is a monogamous relationship based on compatibility and commitment.

If you've ever wondered why our society is beginning to fail miserably, and more secularist, self-serving, it is because of people who believe, and spread trash around like that; and then people wonder why there are so many deadly diseases and sickness spreading like wildfire. It is because of people like those on that Candadian website that promote it, and in turn destroy people with their propaganda trash machine.

Now, on this next one, I think you'll find interesting, if you're familiar with the agenda of the Left, I think you'll find that these are some of the things that are trying to be legislated by our resident Left-wingers in Congress, Nancy Pelosi comes to mind:

This is the Satanists political beliefs:

Termination of the myth of equality for all.

They don't want people to enjoy a society where all are free to worship, especially Christians, they want to persecute against Christians, and all things that have to do with Christianity. They hate Jesus Christ.
Now, Jesus gave us His word as a testimony, which foretells us that people of the world, Secular people, which is the Satanists, would hate us because we are followers of Him, in Matthew 10:22 -- Jesus said -- All men will hate you because of me. What does that mean, that means, if you love the Lord, with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. That people will hate you for that very reason.

Tax all churches.

If I recall correctly, this is what Nancy Pelosi was proposing, that all churches be taxed. Thus, in a Communistic fashion, they would be persecuting the church. We need to keep a safe-guard on this. This would lead to many God-fearig, Loving Christian congregations having to condemn their places of worship, where they seek their strength, and loving relationships by communig with God's people.

Remove any religious beliefs which have been incorporated in legislation.

This would have to deal with the first-amendment - The Secular Left in this country, want to take away freedom of religion, and the right to peacably assemble. Thus, if they Constitution was changed to say freedom from religion then as Christians we wouldn't have the right to worship at our church of choosing, our government would then be ruling in much the same manner at the Islamists rule, only we wouldn't be worshiping Allah, but the Devil or Satan. Which there's not difference. Muhammad was supposedly the prophet of God, but he didn't teach what our God, the True God of All Creation taught us to do. Muhammad taught the spreading of the message by the Sword, which is the same as the Satanists teach, if somebody strike you on one cheek, smash him on the other.

Also, if you notice, much of what the Satanists teach, as I've outlined for you in the aforementioned paragraphs, much of what the Satanists believe are what the ACLU teaches as well. So you can see a close correlation between the ACLU and Satanists there.


~ Jeremiah

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