Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Clinton and Obama, For Better Or Worse?


I'm sure most of you who have taken an interest in politics, and are likewise concerned for the future of America can all agree that we need change in America.
However, how bad we need change, and we do, no question about that, it is not a time in which we can afford to let the emotions of the change movement to pull us away from reality and into irrational decision making. There is too much at stake for the future of this Great Nation to be put into the hands of folks who will lead it much further into the gutter than it already is.

Then the issue is not just about change, so much anymore, but more about experience as opposed to a message that sounds appealing at first, while in the high emotions of change, but in all likelihood, would probably not materialize. So, the merits of the message aren't actual fact until put into actions and results taken effect.

America needs Leadership and Experience combined with a strategy for the long term safety issues that are imperative on a National as well as worldwide level. Islamic Jihad will remain a front-burner issue beyond the forseeable future.

In the voter block of the Democratic party, the two leading candidates - Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are competing for the title of the Presidency; with an overwhelming majority in support of Obama, with a large percentage of these being of the younger voter base.

It is a good thing that younger folks are taking an interest in politics. However, the not so good part, or sad part I should say, about all this, though, is that the Liberal indoctrination within our schools, colleges, and universities is showing badly. The wise-cracks that think they've "been there, done that." And can tell people the "best course" of action only shows that they've never been under the pressure of 300,000,000 people burdening their consciences. Especially with somebody like Obama who has no notable record of leadership.

What happens if an inexperienced nomad becomes our next President? As an old saying goes, and still true to this day, you play with fire, and sooner or later, you're going to get burned." *Chuckles* That's about the gist of it.

However, it is sometimes a good thing to feel the return effect of one's actions. That way, you've got the experience to avoid getting burned again in the future. LOL!

As experience is the greatest motivator for making wise decisions, for those with a a few years under your hat; you know, that history has proven the candidates credentials without any second guessing when it comes to their qualifications to become President--Such is the case, when we look at the record of the New York Senator and former First Lady Hillary Rohdam Clinton. Just to name a fraction of scandals that she and her husband have been in - Rose Law firm - Whitewater - Waco burnings. Most of which, were during Fr. President Clinton's administration. Of much greater importance, However, and added to this is her extreme Liberal agenda on both the Social and Economic issues alike, and Nation Security as a bonus (If you can call it that-lol).

On Social issues, she's for homosexuality, she's for murdering the unborn, she wants sanctions to place "Hate crimes" bill to silence pastors and preists for preaching against sinful lifestyles and leading people to Christ. In so doing, this bill would violate the right to free speech and of religion.

Thinking of Hillary Rodham Clinton on economic terms is probably about as bad as thinking of a broken Jaw Bone. She's in favor of raising taxes on the Rich and working class, courtesy of Illegal immigrants; with "free" healthcare and welfare subsidies. While working-families strive to barely put food on the table. A five-thousand $ subsidy for every child born every single day of the year.

On National Security, Hillary is the worst, the breakdown in the level of security would put America at worst risk since before 9/11. Hillary said to a crowd in New Hampshire Monday, concerning a question that Bill Oreilly had posed which was asked by a HIllary fan at the primary--She said, and I quote--the first thing I will do if I become President, I'm going to ask for permission (from Congress) to begin pulling Troops out of Iraq within sixty days. So that tells you right there that she cares nothing for this country and the sacrifice that is required to keep this Nation safe.

So, if you're thinking on the lines of change, and Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton as your choice candidate...All you need to do, is look at each of their track records - LOL! - to see if you want to risk getting burned!

Hillary with a dangerous agenda and a clearly horrible record.

Obama with no record of Leadership and a Liberal agenda.

Think about it.

~ Jeremiah

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