Friday, January 11, 2008

Hillary Care

Hillary Care ... A program brought to light in the early '90s by former President Bill Clinton, and headed up by his wife, who he appointed to be the campaign leader of.

Bill Clinton felt that many many Americans were on the brink of a fatal financial collapse that would be one good sickness away. He wanted every person mandated to have Health Insurance, and he decided to put his wife in control.

September 22, 1993: Bill Clinton speaks to an audience about International Healthcare, and warns them that one good sickness is all it will take to bring them down. Citing that Americans do not have any reliable assurance of being able to take care of themselves should they get majorly sick. Appointed his wife head of the campaign.

Litigation: United States Supreme Court sparks litigation due to illegal procedure as mandated by the Federal Advisory Committee act. Hillary was holding meetings behind closed doors, and not letting any of the information be available to the public, or to Federal Officials.

The Association of American Physicians filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and Donna Shalala pver closed door meetings, and sued again after to gain access to the meeting documents. The AAP won the case and was awarded a lump sum on the grounds that Hillary and Shalala were in violation of Federal Code.

1994: Hillary again revives the ideas of a US Healthcare mandate. She brings about big ideas and big committees, but the idea is drowned in it's scheme. Newt Gingrich helps to lead the country out of the idea in the Republican Revolution he leads, and conservatives properly label Hillary as 'a big government liberal'.

This brief outline gives you an idea of what Hillary Care is about. Closed door meetings, lawsuits, and grand committees that don't want to speak a word about this program that Hillary DOESN'T (apparently) want you to hear about. Yet she wants everyone to be mandated to have it.

Hill and Bill stated that Americans were in grave danger and that nobody was covered, but they failed to point out the many Federally funded programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Health Insurance, were there to cover those that couldn't afford medical expenses, were too old to afford it, or had served in Arms for our country.

Hmmm, seems like they were trying to fix a horse that wasn't sick ... or maybe, just maybe, they were trying to take control of the horse for their own sick purposes.

The lies and the hypocrisy in the Hillary camp know no bounds and have been ongoing since Bill entered and left office. Now we run the risk of going through a repeat of this same situation.

Don't think Hillary has forgotten about this Secret Organization she was trying to build, and don't think she won't build it if she gets into office. This US Healthcare mandate is just one step in the giant campaign she has to turn us into a communist country. They use sweet sounding programs and tactics like this to make you think they would be helping the American people, when in reality she would be ruining 'a horse that isn't sick' that has carried millions of Americans through and contributed to the help of many people who really needed it, and will need it in the future.

Still think it's a good program? Ask the Mexican people in Mexico, what it feels like to have to wait weeks, even months, to get Healthcare attention. Ask them what it's like to see loved ones suffer and die because they can't get the medical attention they so desperately need. Ask them why their loved ones are dying, and why they can't get the help they need... It's because of International, Communistic Healthcare plans, the ones like Hillary wants to make.

Our Healthcare system is fine Hillary Clinton, please don't screw it up.


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