Thursday, January 31, 2008

How Conservative is McCain?

So far, we've got John McCain in the lead for the GOP at this point in time, however, seems like the odds were turned against him in last night's debate, because of the stance he takes on taxes, he says he wants to make it a "class warfare" stance in favor of the rich elite! WOW! Can you say, "Liberal," ladies and gents?
On illegal immigration, his was pro-amnesty, and allowing our borders to be flooded with the millions upon millions who are already here illegaly and subjecting our children to the already enormous damage that has been done. He is also against interrogation, and getting the information we need to ensure that justice is served before our enemies get another chance to attack the Homeland. On his good points - he's pro-life - by protecting the innocent life in the womb. He has a very strong record of acheivment within the military field, in which he could mount a good offensive strategy in the War on Terror. Those are the only two good points about him, really. Other than that, I really don't know what all else to say about the man, except that he's a Liberal. He can't really be classified as a Liberal Conservative, because then that wouldn't make it a fair statement. This all really gave me an idea just a bit ago when I thought it through, after hearing what Dick Morris had to say about this election cycle. Of course, I had it a little differently other than the fact that he stated the obvious, when he said, "the GOP is in division right now, due to some folks who have made bad names for themselves while still under the name tag of "Republican/Conservative." They aren't republican if that's what they stand for. We can see that the overall electorate is moving left, because people are voting for John McCain, while John isn't entirely "Liberal," he still has some Conservative qualities in him on the side of life. Life is a very big issue, make no mistake about it, but when combined with three-hundred million people, and the vast majority of those three-hundred million people trying to make a living for themselves and their families, the last thing we need is a Liberal to take over the White House. I had first thought after a considerable contemplation of the matter, that Mr. McCain would make a good choice as last resort, but upon further review of his policies, I don't think I want him as our President, he would be kind of dangerous in a way, in a way much the same as Hillary or any of the Democrats would be. We still have a ways to go yet though, with Super Tuesday just five days away, there are a lot of delegates to be taken still, and a lot of support for each individual candidate will be garnered from their respective state sponsors, as I'm sure McCain will take many Liberal Western states, while Mike Huckabee (whom I am hoping very much will win) will take a few of the mid-western, and southern bible-belt regions of the South, Mitt Romney will take a few eastern, mid-western, and northeastern states. It's anyone's guess from now until Tuesday, but I think it goes well beyond next Tuesday, I think Mike Huckabee will iron things out for the betterment of America in the weeks ahead -While he's at it, give him some support, donate a little bit to his campaign...Mr. Huckabee is a great Christian man, who would bring America back together again, and would be twiced as much better than anybody on the Democrat side.

Who would you like to see as our next President?

Feel free to share your opinions on what you think will happen in the upcoming weeks and months ahead...Come on Conservatives, I know you're out there, speak out!!

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