Friday, January 4, 2008

Huckabee Makes Victory in Iowa!!!

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DES MOINES, IOWA - Convincing victories in the Iowa caucuses for Republican Mike Huckabee and Democrat Barack Obama have shaken up the race for the White House in both parties.

Amid record turnout, both men won over significant portions of Iowa caucusgoers by preaching change and presenting charismatic personas that struck voters as authentic. Mr. Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, made up for a lack of money and a small organization with the fervor of his supporters, many of them evangelical Christians like him. Mr. Obama, a first-term senator from Illinois, also enjoyed the most spirited support in his party, drawing massive crowds at rallies and reaching out successfully to young people, independents, and even some Republicans.

"Tonight we proved that American politics still is in the hands of ordinary folks like you," Huckabee said, reflecting the populist bent of his campaign.

Mike proves, just as he did as Gov. in Arkansas; that the good will of the American people is what really counts, with honesty and integrity, as opposed to buying your way into a position of power-because putting all the money you've got on the line, doesn't say much about your character and what is important for America, and the American people know that. Yes, friends, we've got an honest man in Mike Huckabee. He shows that he's willing to put behind him, and not be distracted by the rhetoric that others are trying to pin on him, and move forward to helping the American people. Who is that? You!!!

Today's crisis is not about money, that's just part of it, but the larger crisis looms over us, namely-abortion, crime, education, energy dependence, marriage, and terrorism. A Massive moral crisis, to say the least. These are the things that need to be addressed and worked on, and I believe that Mike will help bring about the change that is needed in confronting these issues, and working to resolve them.

With the New Hampshire primaries just days away, some project that Mike won't do as well there, but given the fact that much if not all of the Southern vote has yet to be retained, the Huckabee teams has a lot of promise going for him there, the Bible-belt region of South Carolina on into the mid-western States.

So, as we've prayed for Iowa's Victory, let us likewise, pray for Victory for the rest of the country.

God bless!

~ Jeremiah

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  1. A very successful night for the Huckabee camp, I just hope and pray that the people of New Hampshire will see the honest message that this God fearing man is trying to spread...

    Romney, in my honest to goodness opinion is so fake. He looks scripted in almost every debate. He has this glassey eyed look of trying to remember scripts long spent reading in front of mirrors.

    When confronted with an accusation on the spur of the moment from another candidate, you see him stutter, stumble and avoid until the debate ref calls to order,

    McCain tries his hardest in my honest opinion but he just lacks the track record on some of the more important issues to lead this country. His immigration record is quite bad.

    Guiliani might as well be running in the liberal camp, he's liberal on everything else, why not his running party.

    He's for abortion, he's for homosexuality, he's for immigration (atleast his track record says so). Noone in their right mind would vote for the man...

    Unless it were only him and Ron Paul running. Ron Paul is out of the field and outside the stadium. He doesn't have a sensible bearing for how to lead, and I honestly believe he's lost his own way in life. You can't just dismantle the special services groups in this country and expect it to maintain law and order.

    Yes, Huckabee is the only sensible candidate for the job, and the people of Iowa saw this, and I hope that the people of New Hampshire will see this also. And God willing, I'm sure they will. Huckabee is genuine, and he's undergoing more fire right now than any of the other candidates.

    But he is a 'Man Apart' his track record and his sincerity speak for themselves.

    Keep on stumping for Huckabee in New Hampshire!!