Monday, January 28, 2008

McCain and Romney To Match Up in Florida Primary.

Fort Myers, Fla. -
As a matter of logic, Mitt Romney would seem to have an edge going into Florida's Republican primary on Tuesday. The economy is the No. 1 issue, and the former Massachusetts governor clearly has the strongest economic portfolio of the Republican presidential candidates, as a megawealthy businessman, turnaround artist of the 2002 Olympics, and a state chief executive.

Sen. John McCain of Arizona, neck and neck with Mr. Romney in Florida polls, is less well versed in economics than he is in security matters, by his own admission. But voter decisions are never that simple. And in a state that skews toward older, more experienced voters, electability also looms large.

Polls show Mr. McCain doing better in general election matchups than Romney, and that could help McCain.

So, who is more fiscally responsible, or shall I say, 'Conservative' - McCain or Romney?

Will Florida tell us who our most likely next President will be?

What are the stakes at this point in time?

Lots of questions need answering, feel free to share...


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