Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mitt Romney Takes Michigan

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The most elusive commodity so far in the 2008 presidential sweepstakes is momentum. In both parties, the opening contests have been won by different candidates, creating lots of "comeback kids" but little ability to claim the mantle of front-runner.

Mitt Romney's decisive victory in the Michigan primary Tuesday may have been the most successful "do or die" performance of the season, to date. Having lost the first two major contests, Iowa and New Hampshire, the former Massachusetts governor almost certainly had to win his native state of Michigan to appear viable heading into Nevada and South Carolina (both this Saturday) and Florida (Jan. 29).

It's getting really iffy, we started out with Iowa, had a great victory there for Mike Huckabee, through the efforts of willing and concerned Christians, who see the need for America to get back to the basis for which America was founded and built upon, through God Our Creator, Our Rock and Salvation.

As we moved on to New Hampshire, we seen a whole different scenario, a more Liberal leaning State, so to speak. As John McCain got a pretty good boost there. All the way from his foreign policy to leaning on a more economic stance, which appealed more to the "Rich" and fairly well off, second tier, folk. Some folks, if I remember correctly, took part in a study group, and one of them said - "I'm voting for a President, not a Preacher." In a very rude over-tone, I might add. I guess she doesn't consider herself a Christian, and/or otherwise not concerned for the vast moral crisis this country is facing if we don't get somebody who will stand for what is right before Almighty God. I guess that's why we live and learn though. Right? For those who care, it is, but for those of them like her. It's been a long time, no lesson learned. Oh well, what goes around, comes around, as it has, and inevitably will. Sooner or later. No society has ever stood the test of time without an acknowledgment of their roots, and their reliance upon a Loving and Gracious Creator. And that's interesting, because it's not only many of the Democrats who believe that we should stray from God's Word, but many Republicans do the same thing. That's presumably the reason we have two sides to each party - Conservatives and Republicans, Democrats and Liberals. I never could really understand that until just the last few years. Which is how I became acquainted with my own base, the Christian Conservative Roots, as it were, is, and pray that I always will be. That God will give me the wisdom to never stray from where my source of Hope lies, which is in Christ Jesus. I also pray that you will also, if you haven't made that committment yet. It's an experience you'll never regret, if you make it.

Back to the race...

Yesterday proved to be a great win for Mitt Romney in Michigan. Voters there are really concerned for the economic situation in America, unemployment is the highest there of any place in the country. That, combined with a crashing Stock-Market, inflation sky-rocketing has much of the Nation in a fix. Some have proposed a near and short-term relief package to get things back up to speed. Of course, if they would do as I've said before, stop trade and cut off funding China would work to boost America back to the top. We have the people and the technology to engineer things. To be more productive than China. Our Military is more than sufficient proof of that by themselves. Put Wit to Power and you're back on track. I think however, a larger percentage of the reason voters have appealed to Romney is mainly due to the fact that their State was his former home state. So you know how that goes, if somebody is part of you, you feel compelled to support them, regardless of their policies, so forth and so on.

So, we move next to South Carolina's primary, as of how it's turned out so far, it's no one's guess. All each man has, is who he hopes to win, and win somebody shall...but, just keep one thing in mind, as you decide who you want to be your Leader, that there is a moral crisis, and it is imperative that the decision you make not be decided on your conscience alone, but by the One who will guide you to make the decision that is best for America, Almighty God!

Happy trails and God bless!

~ Jeremiah

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