Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tensions are Mounting

If things turn out as they appear to be, at present, it looks like the Huckabee team will do really well tomorrow. While the Romney team is doing exceptionally well in a tight second with the Huckabee team.

Here are the numbers for Republicans in both Iowa Caucus and National Polls-National for Democrats.

Current: Iowa Republican Caucus/RCP Average

  • Huckabee 29.0%
  • Romney 28.3%
  • McCain 12.8%
  • Thompson 11.8%
  • Paul 7.5%
  • Giuliani 6.0%
  • ---------Huckabee +0.7%

National/RCP Poll Average/Rep/Dem.

Republican Presidential

  • Giuliani 20.4%
  • McCain 17.2%
  • Huckabee 17.0%
  • Romney 14.6%
  • Thompson 11.2%
  • Paul 4.3%
  • -------Giuliani +3.2%

Democratic Presidential

  • Clinton 45.4%
  • Obama 23.8%
  • Edwards 13.6%
  • Biden 3.8%
  • Richardson 2.0%
  • --------Clinton +21.6%

While some feared weather would play a huge role in tomorrows voter turnout - Forecasts, tomorrow, for the State of Iowa, show clear skies and temperatures in the 20s and 30s which is a far cry from the brutal-cold most Iowans are used to, with highs in the middle teens and single digits; with wind chills well below zero.

They're urging all Iowans to come out and participate in tomorrows election.

Iowans should make every effort to take part; this being a critical time in our Nation's history, with the crisis of abortion, illegal immigration, marriage and host of other issues.

Feel free to give predictions, and general discussion...

~ Jeremiah

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