Monday, February 11, 2008


It looks like a sigh of relief will finally be coming to the families who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks. U.S. officials are calling for punishment by way of death penalty for the six who planned and assisted in the attacks on the Twin-Towers World Trade Center complex. This will be the first military-tribunal trial at Guantanamo to have made a prosecution of a verdict is rendered.

The Defense department filed Monday the formal charges against the alleged 9/11 matermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the five other Al Qaeda suspects who were involved in planning/helping to cooridinate the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 individuals at the New York's World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and aboard the hijacked airliner that crashed in Pennsylvania.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was the one who was waterboarded shortly after the attacks, in order to receive information about more attacks that he might have known were going to take place. While anything was possible, our officials acted promptly and did the right thing. If there had been any second guessing and we would have not acted, had not have carried out the interrogation technique, there no telling what could have happened and where we might me today, more lives could have been lost and more cities destroyed. It's entirely unreasonable to think otherwise. This is where the ideological divide is in America, the Secular "progressives" promote zero security, while the rest of us slave to keep their corrupt anti-moral agendas running the country down the tubes.

It's just common sense, folks, if you want to remain a safe and healthy Nation - You gotta have security. Most of all, you have to have a justice system that works, one where criminals don't get by with heinous crimes, such as these criminals who murdered three-thousand of our people.

Let's hope these criminals get the justice they deserve. For the sake of all.


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