Wednesday, February 27, 2008

When Will The Left Ever Understand...?

What is it about the Left in this country...they are so intent on denying simple, yet so horrible tragic facts that took the lives of thousands of good christian Iraqi people. I hear it so often, we've waged an "illegal" war ... "illegal"? When God's people take orders to drive out an Evil people, from an oppressed land, you take orders.

Barack Obama said today, "There was no Al Qaeda in Iraq until George Bush invaded Iraq." Barack Obama is completely and utterly out of his mind....HEY BARACK! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR 8 YEARS? HEY BARACK, *WAVES* DOWN HERE...COME BACK TO EARTH!!!

Sheeesh! They live in such a fantasy land where everything is good and "no one can do any wrong". How STUPID!!

If the Left could only understand the suffering that Saddam Hussein caused to those people of Iraq; many generations of zero freedom … only oppression. The violence that Hussein created was carried out a wide scale basis, and would have continued had somebody not stepped in.

If they could just go an see the piles of twisted, mangled, and burned bodies that had been tortured beyond recognition and took their last dying breath in sheer agony. Just imagine being treated the way Al Qeada treated their people, being blind folded and then being struck repeatedly in the head over and over again, not being able to see where the blows were coming from…? Can you just imagine, then, being burned alive in your, own, living, flesh and blood under that same blindfold? You and your loved ones? No one living in this country can’t, because we live in a land that is blessed beyond all measure, because of one simple, and yet, so-greatly-known fact that there were men of upstanding character and values, men of God, blessed with the honesty, decency, and integrity, to honor Him first and foremost in their everyday lives; willing to sacrifice their very lives to protect the only last great vestige of hope in the world, this rock of Liberty, this stronghold of a free and prosperous society, we call the Great Republic, and Oh how I Thank God for every last breath of my being to be able to proclaim it. No one can ever erase that fact. Only the people as one body, seperated from God’s love through their own ignorance could do so.

So, listen up, friends … God says it’s not ours for the keeping, unless I return Him one small favor, and you know what that is? That I only share it with others, that I should not withhold it in selfish pride, but that I would spread this beacon of Liberty to all the world.

And so, would it have been right to look at my brothers and sisters of Iraq in suffering, allowing this one man of mass and evil cruelty, bent on world domination through his own sick and twisted dreams to plunder God’s people, looking past their suffering? Fortunately, no friends, it was His sincere desire that we show the world that we truly care, and that we will not back down in cowardly selfishness and allow this man to laugh in the face of the entire world of good Christian people and mercilessly slaughter His people.

We can Thank ALmighty God that He sent George W. Bush when He did, friends, and don't let Barack Obama or anyone try to convince you otherwise, for they're not thinking straight!

The Left seems to have a nack for double standard thinking these days (against fighting terrorism, and for slaughter of millions of American children) not fully understanding the consequences to the lives of the teenage/young adult mothers and their families.

In their false thinking they have created one if not the worst Holocausts in human history, only second to God’s Great wrath at the flood, only it was God who took that life away at the time of the flood...He gave it, so it is His to take away! This country seems intent on continuing the slaughter of innocent childrens' blood...Well, God is allowing it to happen, but only for so long, and unless
we heed the calling that has been trumpeted throughout the last 40 years, since its beginnings, in an earnest plea to stop the slaughter of His innocent unborn children of the womb, America will be brought down. When God calls for His people to rise to battle, you will know it, you can be sure.

America seems to be on a steady drift away from God, I can only hope they will turn back to Him, and seek to do His perfect Will.
If not? Then she will be laid to waste, as hundreds of other Nations before it were.

In closing ... Don't forget our brave men and women in uniform who Sacrifice so much for us to have the freedom that we get to enjoy every day. Say a prayer for them whenever you can.

God bless!


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