Thursday, March 20, 2008

Defending Marriage And Our Institutions

Some Good news in Pennsylvania.

I really hope that Pennsylvanians can come together and keep marriage together, as it is being attacked all across America. It is imperative that people who consider themselves as Christians will do their best to become active in the voting process, and work toward activating, or rather; motivating people, to make the Christian call to freedom as concerning of all Americans. One of the more essential roles we can partake in to contribute, and make a more significant impact on this nation-wide situation is by spending quality time with the children, setting rules and standards at an early age in their lives until they are old enough to set out on their own, teaching them about the rights and wrongs - boys should be taught to like girls, and likewise, girls should be taught to like boys, the way God made us and intended for us to be.

Remember, where we fail to teach our children, so it is that the State will gladly take your childrens' welfare into their own hands, in which case, one's child is likely to grow up confused, and will have no sense of right and wrong, for sadly; in the case of the Liberal, State controlled public school system, nothing is out of bounds, such as - Adultery is "ok," fornication is "ok," pornography is "ok," Sodomy is "ok;" experimenting with drugs is "ok;" and you get the picture ... "nothing" will harm you, and thus, we find our Nation in the situation it is in today, with STDs rampant and moral depravity at its highest levels in history.

One area that parents should take a serious look at, is taking steps toward better solutions to the problems that face the public school system, and at the legislative level as well. By a thorough examination of the arguments that are presented by ACLU lawyers we must make our case so that it will sever the ties of the ACLU to the State, and we have to look at this in a positive light to energize and motivate us to strive even harder to end the depravity that the ACLU defends. The ACLU's defense is their greatest weakness, and that's what we should capitalize on, but we must make it our single most concern and goal if we are to end the evil that is Liberalism. Write books, talk to people you come in contact with at the work place, speak out in sunday school and Wednesday evening Bible study...Anywhere that God can use you, you should be doing everything you can to get the message out and God will bless you for your diligent efforts to uplift and glorify Him--Remember - You can't out-give God, He always gives more in return for what we do for Him; As the verse says - 'Faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain.' In order for faith to work though, we must put it into action if we are to expect His blessing. You say, "Oh, I don't have to do a thing, just have faith"? Then you're not proving that you have faith...It's only when you believe that God will do great things, and you get the word out and put it into action, showing God that He has empowered you to defeat the ACLU and Satan's deceiving lies that you will make a difference.

Finally, I think the greatest time that we can make an influence of our Faith, making it known in vast numbers, by showing God that we are truly sincere as a Nation to serve Him and do His will, is at the voting booth. Voting for the people that hold our convictions on Biblical standards, on what God would have us to do. Then you would see great things happen and there would be nothing that the ACLU or anyone can do about it, because, as God's people, we have the power over the Satanic forces that seek to over-take America!

God bless!


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