Thursday, March 13, 2008

Evangelical Movement Still Profoundly Influential On Public Policy

A contingent of prominent evangelical political activists has debated the future of the evangelical Christian movement and its role in American politics during a panel discussion that took place yesterday in Washington, DC.

Named after a new book written by Family Research Council president Tony Perkins and Bishop Harry Jackson of the High Impact Leadership Coalition, the debate -- called "Personal Faith, Public Policy" -- took place at the National Press Club and was standing room only.

During the debate, Perkins told the crowd that conservative evangelicals are still having a "pronounced" impact on the shaping of American public policy. He argued Senator John McCain's (R-Arizona) rise to Republican presidential nominee does not indicate the religious right is dying. "I would suggest to you the fact that we have a McCain candidacy shows that the evangelicals remain strong and it's not a Rudy Giuliani candidacy," he insisted.

As Mr. Perkins has alluded to the fact that Senator McCain received the popular majority vote for POTUS, I'm not so sure though, that I can be as optimistic as he, and assume that Sen. McCain's candidacy proves we are as strong and influential... as we 'could be.'

We have some major moral problems going on right now in America, and I would suggest that as evangelicals and all denominations or non-denominational (it doesn't matter You believe in God's One and Only Son who died at Calvary, you're a member of the Saints) could do more; and the reason I say this, is there are many who proclaim to be "Christians" but they fail to live up to their potential in their witnessing capabilities. There are many areas where parenting Christians could take the time out of their "busy" schedules to meet with other parents at PTA meetings at their childrens school, where they could speak out for the Lord. To make a better influence we have to become active participants in public policy, on all levels, but especially where our children's future is being shaped at the State run level - and as we all know (at least those of us who aren't blinded by the lefist rhetoric), know that our State run public school systems are heavily influenced by the hate America first crowd - The ACLU Left-wing of Congress, which is the reason for heavy Leftists indoctrination and in turn, rising STDs to epidemic levels, which directly links back to the Radical Feminist agenda.

Overall, I agree with Mr. Perkins to the extent that Conservatives have shown Mr. McCain support so far as he is no "Rudy Giuliani," and certainly far, Far better than Barack Obama who has been endorsed recently by two Communists - Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Lewis Farrakhan.

However, I think McCain has shown some inconsistency on life and moral issues during his terms as Senator, some very important things he has supported in the past I've not been in full agreement with...and, we must remember, that 30-50% of the evangelical vote went to, which, in my opinion, the more capable of the two, Mike Huckabee, who has been consistent throughout his political career on the Life and Moral issues.

I think the two main things that gave McCain the boost among the majority of Conservatives; is his stance on Economic and National Security issues, the economy taking precedence over the two, which shows that the priorities of Americans are in their pockets and not in their hearts...I don't want to be too "pessimistic" here, but that's the way it would seem to me at least. This raises a lot of questions after today's vote in both houses to raise taxes after President Bush leaves office.

In the long run, however, I believe our Supreme Courts will be the greatest factor, our greatest need, to help promote morality, an avenue for Evangelical Conservatives.

If we can finalize a fully Conservative Court; that is if we have a President McCain, and we pray that we do, then great things can other words, there will be hope for America! So, do all you can to get the word out, and most importantly...Pray for America!

God bless!


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