Monday, March 24, 2008

Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Death To Innocents

Once again, the Supreme Court proves that to them, when it comes to life they prefer death over life, and will execute the little ones who, unlike their mothers, are innocent beyond all doubts. Strange, isn't it?

These are supposedly "intelligent" people, who've gone on to get degrees in law. Can we call them "intelligent" when they use the law as "justification" to kill innocent unborn human beings? No. Our laws are meant for the protection and saving of human life. Did these justices ever stop to think for just a second that, letting a mother have her child could help to give her a sense of responsibility and help to get her on the road to a brighter tomorrow, a more hopeful future?

No one has any right to murder innocent children. If anything, these prisons who hold female inmates need to make nurseries as part of their buildings, and turn the lives of these young women around, toward God Almighty.

Put life first, and you put God first!


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