Sunday, April 13, 2008

Abortion Vs. The Death Penalty, And Morality Part II

I've noticed there is a lot of uncertainty about the differences in the two, and how one might compare them. Some look for ways to justify abortion, and others for ways to justify a murderer escaping the Death Penalty. In comparison, they stand at stark difference. I'll explain...

If you look at the Abortion scenario...Who is the individual in question being aborted or murdered? An innocent person who has committed no crime at all. Beyond all doubt.

If you look at the Death Penalty...Who is the individual in question being given the Death Penalty? A person who has committed some sort of crime, such as in the case of the Abortion doctor who has committed murder of the innocent unborn child, or some other individual, an adult who is likewise innocent.

So, between the two scenarios, in simple terms, did the little baby do anything to deserve his/her life be taken? Has the little baby hurt anyone? Does the little baby pose a danger to anyone? What harm does a little baby do to deserve his/her death?

In the case of the person who is put on trial for violating the law and given a Death sentence, such as for the person who has committed murder, which is based upon the Ten Commandments, the sixth commandment to be exact, found in the book of Exodus chapter 20. There is reasonable and just cause for that person's sentence.

What makes this difficult to decipher is when a particular set of jurists change the existing laws (former laws), which are based upon the Laws of God found in the Bible into their own opinions, which, by and large are founded upon an atheistic point of view. The same thing or opinion which led to the Holocaust was derived from the opinion of an Atheistic point of view.

The person who commits murder has proven himself to be insensitive to other human beings, and therefore, sets an example for other people that it is “ok” to do the same thing, and in most cases, is targeting a minority group or groups of individuals in which they deem unfit by their own judgment, in essence, it is their ideology or agenda (their own opinion), so to speak, and has no basis in right or wrong thinking, putting the person being targeted in a “lower” or “inferior” class type…and keep in mind, these are all perfectly innocent people who had committed no crime of any sort.

There’s an old saying that goes, “One right, does not make a wrong, and likewise, one wrong does not create a right”. Nor do two wrongs make a right, and to put that old saying into the current context regarding Abortion and the Death Penalty – As a frequent visitor of Blogs for Victory regarding this issue, I asked another frequent visitor the following question –

If [choice] (which is a commonly used word to justify murder of the unborn), which includes murder, is legal for little unborn children, shouldn’t it be “ok” for perfectly healthy, normal, adults of any age? For example – Couldn’t a person say to their perfectly normal, happy, healthy, Mom, Dad, Brother, or Sister, “You’re inconvenient, I don’t want you anymore, and I’ll just kill you” Couldn’t we apply the same “choice” that they apply to justify the murder of innocent unborn babies?

BFV poster said –


No, murder is against the law, and it has particular sanctions against it. End quote.

I said –

Ok then, why is it legal for little unborn children?

So, the debate rages on, we find people who try to justify murder by de-valuing life of the unborn, and placing more value in the life of the murderer. Our justice system has placed more emphasis on the life of murderers when they allow the abortion clinics to remain open, and letting homicide cases and pedophiles to go scot-free in the confines of a prison cell where they are treated to hot food, shower houses, television, reading materials, and are let to go to a yard where they can exercise each day, while the American people put out in the millions (monetary wise), each year, to their watch-care and protection. In the same way, our judicial system affords the Abortion doctor (considered a Murderer) protection to continue the destruction of innocent life.

The answer to all this is simple, and reliant upon the American people, as sentient human beings, who have a sense of right and wrong based on the only right – God’s Word. To come forth with your testimony against the very injustice that prevails within the distorted minds of our very own justice system the High and Mighty Supreme Court of the land.

It must be stressed upon, that Murder has no justification, and that justice should rule in any case of murder whether it is domestic or non-domestic – the Death Penalty should be the ruling in all cases pertaining to murder—without asylum.

A right to life amendment should be constituted for the safety and protection of unborn children. Sanctions should be placed to allow for the prosecution and sentencing by way of death for any and all parties suspected and/or convicted in the murder of an innocent human being, through due process.

That’s all I have for now. I’m thinking on the lines of sharing my thoughts on the reasons for war, how it can be avoided, and why it is necessary in a future post. So stay tuned…

For now, feel free to share your thoughts on today’s topic.

God bless!


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