Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Alternative or No Alternative?

It's probably safe to say by now that most Americans are feeling the brunt of the fuel price increases, and are wondering...When, will it end? Many households have far distances to travel to get to their work places, and thus, extra fuel is required, and therefore, demand is on the high side, while supply is plentiful.

So, when will prices go down, so people can go back to work? Well, personally, I can't answer that question, but I can give what I think would be some worthy advice.

We'll start out with a question...Do we necessarily have to buy fuel from other countries? And the answer to that is...No, Absolutely not! There are vast mines of oil within our sight that we could begin to exploit and wean ourselves from foreign energy sources.
You know, it's pretty simple when we think about the ramifications of extending our energy needs so as to become energy independent, in a number of ways - Through the advance of technology we can use the resources that God has placed us with to become more easily accessible and cost-worthy too - such as? Such as Windmills, Nuclear energy, and coal-fired power plants through clean coal technology.

Easier said than done though, right? Well, yeah, but just think about how much easier it would make going to the store and getting groceries, going on vacations, going to work, etc, etc? From a whopping Four to five $s to paying a Buck Twenty-five a gallon gas would be a big sigh of relief, huh? You bet it would!

For now though, all we can do is dream of better days.

More questions - Is foreign oil dependence our only problem? It is part, but not all.

Let us now strike at the roots of the problem of energy dependence. One would think that our government could do something worth-while to help in our current crisis, seeing that they control what goes on. Ah! Therein lies the problem...when you enter politics, you just ask for trouble. We get a lot of promises rather than action, and more so from Democratic administrations than Republican. So why do they give promises and no actions? A few things - ignorance, fear, and…they are in search of something that will put them in the lime light. Mostly for fear and ignorance though. So does that make them to blame? No, I'm afraid not, if you want somebody to blame, look not further than to people like Al Gore, he's someone who we call a "Green Activist/Environmentalist." More appropriately labeled...a Scaremonger.

What are they afraid of? Well, we can't operate windmills in California because they are killing "tens of thousands" of Eagles, Hawks and Owls.

What? Good grief, I thought Hawks had really good eye-sight, spot a mouse underneath high grass a mile away. You mean to tell me they are crashing into these huge wind-mills? Gimme a break!

What else are they afraid of? Uh O! The earth is going to heat up and melt the North and South Poles, and sea levels will rise and drowned us all. WHOA! Sounds pretty major, eh? Sounds like a pretty major false scare-tactic to me.

When we mention Nuclear energy as an alternative, what do we hear? It goes something like this ... "Caution. Do not enter. This is a Radio-active waste area." And the claim is that those sites are uninhabitable for "millennia" That is non-sense, the key, is at what rate particles radiating from radioactive material strike the body. In low rates, they are virtually harmless. How do we know? Well, in winter, people experience what is know as cabin fever, in which time it is very cold and there is very little to no exposure to the sun. This radiation in the form of light energy, that we get from the Sun creates a reaction in the body that releases endorphines in the brain, and therefore, inducing us to happiness, and more energy to do things that we like to do--it releases a substance called "serotonin", I'm not sure about the name of it, but I think that's it. When this radiation decreases, then this body chemical/hormone begins to decrease, and we start to feel sluggish again.

As far as the amount of pollution output - Let's compare a thousand-megawatt coal-fired power plant with a nuclear plant of the same capacity:

Coal - Carbon dioxide: 7 million tons (Carbon Dioxide is the natural gas that plants breathe in, and in exchange, gives us oxygen - It is most commonly known as greenhouse gas).

Nuclear - Carbon dioxide: None

Coal - Sulfur Dioxide: 12,000 tons.

Nuclear - Sulfur Dioxide: None.

Coal - Nitrogen Oxide: 20,000 tons.

Nuclear - Nitrogen Oxide: None.

Coal - Solid Waste: 750,000 tons.

Nuclear - Solid Waste: None.

Which is cleaner? I'll let you decide...

As I said in an earlier paragraph, we can talk all we want, but until we stand up to the Green Activists and Environmentalists’. Nothing will ever get accomplished listening to their scaremongering as it never has until we stand and say, 'No more foreign oil, we're going to use what God has given us to use here, in America.' Unless we do this, America will continue to suffer at the hands of rich Arabian oil profiteers.

The alternative resources are there, all you have to do is put your mind to do something about it, and it'll happen.

God bless!


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