Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Exposing the Truth: The Issue of Pornography Part II

In part one of Exposing the Truth: The Issue of Pornography we touched upon the anti-moral faction pertaining to it, and indeed, too, the horrors that are a part of the industry of pornography. What we haven’t discussed, however, is how pornography became covered under the law to legally sanction its protection.

Let me first begin by saying…If the American people wanted the media covered under the First Amendment recognizing it as “freedom of the press” then all they would have to do is make a Constitutional amendment adding it as one of their basic “rights” … But why doesn't the Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights have it included within their bounds? They don't. It is not ‘Self-evident,’ that the media is identical to “the press” (newspapers, magazines, book publications). The intent, then, of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and Declaration of Independence was based by the Founders and ratifiers not on their “own” thinking and decision making, but backed by and absolute reliance on a higher authority. Why? If they used their own ideas and opinions concerning morality during the making of the Constitution, then they would have erred on the side of ignorance as to the origin and purpose of their existence and too, the goal to be reached. Hypothetically speaking, it can be translated this way and easier for us to understand…We don’t go to school to make up our own rules, and teach ourselves what we need to learn. For what could we gain by thinking that we can instruct ourselves when we don’t already know what needs to be learned? Nothing…So then, it can be said, is the reason we need a ‘Teacher’, someone who has the knowledge, and can share that knowledge with us. So it was, with our Founding Fathers who penned our “Rights,” and the laws of the land into effect. They were confident that no earthly human-being had any authority what-so-ever to grant us our rights, thus, they relied on the Beginning of Knowledge - That Being that is All-Knowing, and who gives us our rights. Where can they (our rights) be found? The Holy Bible – God’s Word. So the intent of the Founders flowed from God’s intent.

So, if a decision is made, then, that is contrary to the Constitution, which is based upon the morals of the Holy Bible, and that is not listed in the Constitution as one of our God-given rights, where is its derivation? From a human being that has put him or hers self in a position of power, where they do not belong and have no authority, above the Law of God.

Pertaining to the issue of pornography, our Supreme Court Justices have done just that, they have put themselves in a position to defy the Will of God. Over time, the Supreme Court made rulings in which there was never any indication given, or reason for that matter to change the Constitution…but, in spite, they just HAD to go extra-constitutional and added “freedom of expression” and the “right to privacy.” This gave Sodomites and any individual which so chose to flaunt themselves in public graphically the “right” to do so. This was never the intent of the First amendment and Bill of Rights.

I can express to you how I feel in words, but does that give me the “right” to say it before a large audience? Apparently, to the Courts it “does”! And we wonder why there are so many obscenities and epithets thrown out on television and the radio. The fact is… it is not a wonder. Anyone in their right mind, and who has some morals about them, can see that the Courts have hijacked our elected Democratic process, and forced their sick, depraved opinions on the majority of the American people! The Courts know what they are doing is wrong, they know, but they are just too ignorant to realize it, and to see the damage that their decisions have cost America. The real problem being, however…is, they just don’t care how extreme and ignorant they really are! They have hijacked the law to mean wrong is “right”, and evil is “good.”

The really sad reality, the children will be affected the worst. The bright young minds of the future who will be taken advantage of by the State to do with them as they please, teaching them things not normal to human-nature, things not intended by God, and they will then go into the world confused and given unto a reprobate mind deceiving and being deceived. We can see the effects of the Courts decisions everywhere already in our land…STDs at an alarming rate among school girls, children as young as 11-14. Abortion, taking the lives of over 50,000,000 unborn children at the present and those numbers keep climbing rapidly, on an hourly, to minute by minute basis.

It is a gross under-statement to call the deeds and actions of our Supreme Courts decisions as 'immoral', no, they are criminal actions…so criminal that our Founding Fathers would have probably sanctioned their deaths on the grounds of treason.

When will America wake up and take their rights back, and restore the Constitution to its original meaning they way our Founders intended for it to be under the protection of the Divine Justice over all?

Well, I don’t know the answer to that, but you out there who are American certainly do…but one thing I do know…and that is, America will suffer under a Liberal Democrat administration, and is something we need to think about over the next few months, something that will need to be avoided at all costs. By avoiding a Liberal Democrat administration, we can go to work on ending the depravity that is so prevalent within our borders.

God bless!


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