Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Interpreting the 8th amendment

Here we go again, boys and girls, it's a neverending battle to save America: From Liberals trying to subvert the Constitution, and ignoring the will of the people through despotic judges on our Supreme Courts.

So, round two, of constitutional interpretation.

Today were going to talk a little bit about the 8th amendment...What's it say?

AMENDMENT VIII: Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

How do we interpret it?

Well, it's quite clear that it should mean exactly what it says; but what is it speaking in reference to? It's speaking in reference to after a person who has committed a crime and has been afforded a fair trial (to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that said "criminal" should be deemed 'guilty' or non-guilty), and given a sentence. This is where it gets tricky though...

Now, any justice system should treat any human being with the "fairness" that they deserve, but after a careful study of the nature in which the crime was committed, and the competency of the individual carrying the crime out, and the capacity of the individual to reconcile his/herself to the fact that he/she did something wrong, it is the sole purpose of those who are standing in judgment of the individual to determine the proper sentence for the crime.

What about murder? Can we call self-defense..."murder"? Of course not!

Murder is an act of hatred against someone who is innocent and done nothing wrong...such as an innocent unborn child. Murder is the most reprehensible behavior known, because it takes the life of our loved ones!

Ok, now, I'll use myself for an example here for a second...What if I was called to be on jury duty, and I was the only one they could find...Is my sole judgment and verdict going to be good enough? Even if I had another fellow juror, or two, or three, or eleven or a hundred, would our judgment be correct from our basis without any outside influence? No! I'm afraid not, because there's only one place that a verdict in the face of law can stand worthy to be defined as 'Just'... and whose judgment might that be? The Word of the Almighty! Look in chapter 9 verse 6 of Genisis in the Old Testament...What does God say? 'Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man, his blood shall be shed' ... Right there folks, God ordained/ordered the Death Penalty as a universal punishment against murder! He didn't say "some" should be punished by Death Penalty, but 'ALL' who commit murder. And He reaffirms this throughout both the Old and New Testament - One is commandment number 6 in the Ten Commandments, and Leviticus chapter 20 is another, and the book of Romans in the New Testament. (Ed note: Correction - Exodus 21 is the correct chapter.)

Then you may ask...Why is this? To compel the hearts of the people to fear our God ordained government...Did you know that? The government is 'ordained' by God? Sure is! Read Romans 13. But not just to fear the government, but to show willingness to accept that we have a place in society, and that place is not to go recklessly about to do as we please, but to show that we are willing to forgive others for our petty little arguments and differences...not to flare up and get mad, and go on a shooting rampage, no, this is when we get in trouble, and is why the law man of the government was created, to maintain or restore order and peace.

One thing that must be stressed here though, is, once a life is taken, it can't be brought back, therefore, reconciliation is only possible with the individual and God on a one on one basis, and which, is something that we can't know for sure...nonetheless, is why a careful study of the individual's mental nature must be studied, in any event, the law must follow suit to fit the intentions of the convicted.

We are entitled to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness so long as we strive to maintain those goals in mind. In other words, we can't violate the Fourteenth amendment, but that does not give us a license to violate the Law above the Fourteenth amendment - The Law of God. When we violate God's Laws, then God's judgment will be thusly, meeted out to us.

God bless!


[Ed Note: I may have more on this tomorrow. For now...have at it]

Update: 12:01 AM May 21, 2008

Ok, I just wanted to add a few more thoughts to what I've already said...

If we interpret the 8th amendment as an argument against the Death Penalty then we place more weight upon our own consciences in regards to our duty to the familys of the victims slain. Thus, society begins to deteriorate to the point that no standard of decency and morality may be mandated...This is what has happened over the last several decades in America...As one justice opined..."The Court need not apply the law...but the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society" In other words...If the majority of the Court's opinion, or "standards" differed from the elected officials within each States' own elected government, then the Court's "standards of decency" had simply "evolved" beyond the States and the Will of the People, and that the Court's "standards of decency" need to be applied.

What does this mean? In criminal law, it would mean forcing the States to treat criminals with more leniency. Therefore, subverting the Constitution, and taking away each States' powers to enforce the law. This is what we have found over and over again in Liberal activism, and is why, as I explained in a former thread...We need to avoid a Liberal controlled White House...because Liberal Activists have no respect for the Constitution, which is the rule of law, and its original, or Founding intent contained within it.

Just think about your Second amendment rights, and our Christian heritage that is afforded to us in the First and Fourteenth amendments.....ALL of that will be breeched if say someone like Barack Hussein Obama is nominated for President.

I will say this, if the people do decide to elect Mr. Obama to be our next President...then I would issue a call to my Brothers and Sisters who believe in the American way, and who cherish your Constitutional right to bear arms to join together and stick together and not let him take our guns away, and to make it clear, that we will worship Church service wherever we so choose, and however we choose.

Ok? Stick together!

God bless America!

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