Saturday, May 31, 2008

Liberal Idiocy

If you think Liberals "aren't" idiots, then you may want to check again - A recent signature decision by Colorado governor Bill Ritter is a good example - Mr. Ritter signed into law bill that will allow men to enter womens' restrooms, bringing with it a host of problems...for one, this will make way for sexual predators and those living in the perversion known as homosexuality to force their sick lifestyles on those of us who disdain their depraved worldview.

This, coming almost at the same time as California's Supreme Court decision to permit homosexual marriage unions and the polygamy decision by a Judge in Texas.

As those of you who read my forums frequently, you are aware that I've been touching upon this sort of thing for a while now, about how Liberals and our Liberal Supreme Court system are destroying America, by disregarding the Constitution and ignoring the Will of The People

If you are a concerned citizen, then you need to take a stand, and now!

Liberals will continue to force their evil ideologies upon you, and rob you of your freedom to worship God, if you choose to remain silent!

Time is hanging in the balance, folks, the time to take action is Now!

Look forward to hearing that you are willing to do something about it!

With prayers...God bless!


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