Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Justice"... Clinton?

Could you imagine Hillary Rodham Clinton as one of our Supreme Court Justices?

If I were a betting man, I'd bet that's exactly what will take place should Barack Obama become our 44th President and as this story points out. Our worst fears and dreams would become a true reality then, should this happen. But... it's in the American peoples hands, and that's you! And the choice to elect Barack Obama definitely has its setbacks, for one, that choice would be working against yourself, in that it would then give them the power to define your freedoms for you, especially Christians.

My advice? It would be wise to reconsider if that is your perogative. We have right and wrong in this world, the only problem being, that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton see all the wrong things as "right". Just think of Abortion, is it right? No, of course not, but Liberals sure seem to think so. The numbers of unborn children that have been murdered at present is just staggeringly unbelieveable that Americans could stomach and stand for such an atrocity on American soil.

Heads up! The choice is your's, America...You can choose to stop it, or let it continue to tear America down!

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