Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Mighty Leader

You see this man? Most of you probably know who this man is, and most of you including myself don't understand what this man has been through, and what he has faced for eight very long years.

One of the greatest if not the greatest leader in United States history.

God bless him, and may He go with him as his Presidency comes to close!

Please say a prayer for this man!

In the name of Almighty God Jehovah for whom all things are made possible!

God bless America!

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  1. Abraham Lincoln is the greatest president in American history. Washington, FDR, JFK, Truman, and Teddy Roosevelt were great presidents.

    Bush Jr. doesn't deserve to be mentioned under the same breath of any of these great men.

  2. Jonathan,

    You've got a good list there, for sure.

    As for myself, though, I think I'm going to refine my picks down to three -

    George Washington for #1 greatest President - He was a God-fearing admirable leader of his time, always found on his knees praying for God's mercy and strength to endure the turbulous times. He was a fighter for freedom.

    Ronald Reagan for 2nd greatest President - His economic policies had a better effect than FDR's did, in which he defied the unions and the top executives to create a trickle down effect of sorts and thereby, free market entrepeneurship. The rich CEOs didn't like him for it...but it gave them a chance to open their pockets and actually help somebody in need instead of misering all of it away. This helped little businesses to boom - less government, more money by the people and for the people.

    What made President Reagan perhaps more radiant among our Presidents was his devotion to the cause of freedom, and it wasn't your ordinary view of patriotism...he defined it as 'Christ first, our country second.'
    Because he knew that without the support of Christ through devotion to Him that the possibility of America standing simply was not there....it has to be within the hearts of the people to want to stand up for freedom and fight the evils that plague us anywhere they may be found. And given this, his message resonated through future Presidents like George H.W. Bush Sr., and his brilliant courageous Son George Walker Bush, no one could have followed President Reagan's example any better than our current President George Bush, they were almost identical in the way their Presidencies were carried out, although, President Bush has done more because of the different difficulties that were presented shortly after his becoming President, a whole new outlook on life began to take shape for American culture and society, and I believe President Bush entrusted to the American people to take part and help each other, help neighbors, the surrounding communities, and work to show the true spirit of Christianity, though we've faced much adversity from the far left on many of the issues that beset us in various ways, there are still those who take the time to listen, and are changed as a result of the tremendous out-pouring of God's Spirit through the individuals who gave of their time and talents for the uplifting of God's kingdom, and not just in our Native Country but exapanding far and beyond our own borders to lands where people who are struggling with difficulties much more stressful to their way of life than what we deal with, so the one who is blessed of America has chosen to leave their material possessions behind to go and help with those folks in need. This is how God blesses people and a Nation, is that they will forsake all for His kingdom and all these other things will be added.
    George Bush put faith in the American people through God's help to do the right thing, totally unlike former President William Jefferson Clinton who sought to place faith in and please himself...such a self-centered attitude, and much of our heart ache today can be accredited to Mr. Clinton's failed administration.
    Above everything, through President Bush's faith in the good people of the United States of America we have triumphed and prevailed past the Clinton's, we've had a lot of peices to pick up and put back, but Thank God we made it, now we must deal with the current corrupt Congress of Democrats...who by and large have taken the broad road once again..keeping us further dependent on their social pathologies of "big brother" and the good ole enviro whacko boys.

    The people are learning a great lesson in these trying times, my friend, and the more they learn, the more they will find that President George W. Bush and Conservatism is their only friend when it come to economic stability and business growth, and is why I will state emphatically and without aforethought, that President Bush has been and will be the Greatest President in history in my book of Greatest Presidents ever. He not trusts in you to make the right choice, but he has defied all odds; mainly the house of corrupt individuals known as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Jack P. Murtha, the whole gang of them who are anti-American. President Bush has stood and defied them on every turn. And he has been slandered, called the most insane names, and has even been threatened not only by so-called Americans but people from in far away countries, who despise not only the President, but even you Democrats...and that should really be a wake up call for you concerning the man who has plans to have a sit down at the table with the Terrorist leaders of those ME countries and have conferences....Who? Why..who else, but your man Barry.

    That right there should show you the difference, Jonathan, if it doesn't then I don't know what will, except that you will see as time goes along and especially if the people of America put your man Mr. Obama in the White House that President Bush was soooooo right, after all, and that you should have listened intently to the message of highy importance that was given to you way ahead of time.

    God bless!