Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama Ad Critical of Focus on The Family

The Obama camp is still trying to seek some self-justification for the Senator and Presidential hopeful Barack Obama as further revenge against good Christian man, Dr. James Dobson and his views that are, as far as I consider them to be - solidly on the foundation, which is God's Word.

Yet, here we have a young man, who, while an intelligent young man (for all the wrong purposes, I might add), who has chosen, despite overwhelming evidence that contradicts and proves his erring views on the Bible to be indeed false, that the Bible somehow justifies his prognostication (and now MeMe - through so called "Separation of Church and State" giving way to liberal indoctrination of school children), that abortion (the pre-meditated murder of an unborn child) is "justifiable" under his presumption that the Bible "supports" it, and then says, "We need better Christian witness" .......? Excuse me? A better Christian witness and here you condone the taking of innocent life?

How can one possibly say, "We need a better Christian witness" when Dr. Dobson fully complies with Biblical standards and Christ's teachings? Folks, you won't find a better Christian than what Dr. Dobson has been. You can trust me on this one...all you need to do is read the Bible and you can see that Dr. Dobson has stood firmly on its teaching.

Yes, we do need a 'better Christian witness' seeing that the secular humanist worldview has been (for too long) and is being mandated through so called "Separation of Church and State" which has mis-led too many generations worth of our children in this country...and you need no further proof of that, than to look at some of the recent decisions by our Supreme Courts who were raised within these generations of secular humanist indoctrination. So, yes, we do need a "Better Christian witness" and in order to do this, we must RE-think and come to and understanding of what has happened to American society and culture through the destructive views of liberals and their secularistic propaganda....which is, by the way, the same group of ideologues that Mr. Obama is affilitated with, along with numberous other dangerous philosophical meanderings.

So, as Obama suggestion is noteworthy of respect in and of itself, he sure isn't helping, or rather, I should say, he isn't doing his part to ensure that Biblical teaching of Christ's message is being promulgated as Christ lived and died for. How so? you say ... Well, for one and the main reason, Obama's message, in my own personal opinion, is not proportianate with the Scriptures because his purpose is to deceive...just like, if I were to tell you one thing, such as - Ok, let's say I have a broken down car, I decide to re-furbish the interior with new carpet, seat covers the works, and the exterior, as well - with new paint job finished as a sparkling new gem of a deal. Now, let's say I just leave the engine like it is, in its current broken down condition...then, I have the car towed to a retailer where I'm given permission to use their lot for a short period of time, just enough time to see if I can convince somebody to buy...afterall, its a real gem from the looks of it, right? Finally, I get my chance, and one day my clunker catches a prospect buyer's eye (I've been waiting for weeks), the fellow steps out of his well-used pick-up truck and says, "WOW! Is that for sale?" And I proclaim with a sigh of glee, "Yes Sir, you won't find many in her condition" And prospect says, "It sure appears that way....How much?" And I say, "You won't find many like this at my price....I'll tell you what, if you'll give me $2,900 right now, you can have it" ....... Now, notice, the buyer doesn't ask to drive it or anything, he's looking at the outside of the car with its new paint job and all...Let's next assume, he hands me the money, the whole $2,900 instantly, I run as fast as I can to the airport and catch a plane to some place no-where! And the buyer is stuck with his broken down clunker!

That, my friends, is the same exact same thing with Barack Hussein Obama, the man has waited for this moment (to sell, or in his case, to deceive), has put forth his deceptions (remember new paint job, but in Obama's case it's just plain lies about the Bible) And,.....People are buying his initial message without any concern for his real agenda, Obama paints up a good picture and puts on a mask.

I don't like to be critical of anyone, folks, but behind that mask is Satan himself.
In other words, Obama's notion that "we need a better Christian witness" while it looks good on the outside, it is not and I repeat it is not the true intent of his heart. His main intention is to say that we who preach truth should be more accepting of the views of atheist secularism....and which, by and large is what Christians in this country have done for way too long....the correct word here, is 'tolerant' we've become too tolerant of the destructive views and defintions that liberals have set forth as the law - used as a means to shut out the truth of Biblical teaching from being shared with children who need it so desperately for their proper upbringing .

Make no mistake, their (liberals) so-called "law" is not the original law as the Founders interpreted nor intended for it (the Constitution) to mean. Yes, we have law, and that law rests upon THE Law of Almighty God.

As for now, remember that Christ doesn't look at what's on the outside (and what I mean by the "outside" - is the very first thing that you hear coming from a liberal propagandist like Barack Hussein Obama, without first getting to know what that person's background is worth), but at the contents of one's heart. The Bible says, 'Out of the heart come evil thoughts and desires' ... Which, by and large are the fruits of Barack Obama's not-so "hidden" agenda. Just search his records and you will see.

In the meantime, don't be fooled.

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