Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Obama Receiving Illegal Campaign Money

Well, I was sort of expecting something like this to surface, and sure enough, it did. As it turns out, Obama is not just seeking illegal funds from organizations in America, but from terrorist organization, Hamas. I don't expect to hear much coverage on this in the news under the majority of liberal controlled media.

Your thoughts...

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  1. Please, by all means, follow Mr Noonan's lead and set the police on the guy.

    Getting money from terrorists is illegal, after all.

    And you would not accuse without proof, would you? Caus that would be akin to bearing false witness, which would be forbidden in the 9th commendment.

  2. French Student,

    As they say, 'the proof ... is in the pudding.'

    No need, my friend, in sending the police after him.

    All the people need to do is just heed the warnings and sound advice given them in advance and not vote for the man, and everybody will be in the clear.

    Presto! Problem solved. Not making light of this, but this guy is one dangerous man. Him, nor the MSM who fight for him tooth and nail is going to pull the wool over anyone's eyes!

  3. If he has done something illegal an is arrested for that, he cannot run anymore, and the problem is solved even more rapidly.

    That is, assuming you have proof and you are not only propagating unfounded smears, bearing false witness, and lying to push you own political agenda.

    Come on, put your money where your mouth is, or shut up.

  4. plus the poll trend has been giving Obama winning with over 350 delegates for months, now...

    Face it, the only way the right is going to win this election is if they cheat or if Obama can not run.