Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pro-Life Movement Under Persecution

The Abortionists show their true colors when you see things like this start to happen.

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  1. your link is broken

  2. Ah. It works now.

    OK, so I have a little question for you.

    If I were to camp at the entrance of your place of business, take photos of you going in and out of it, and intended to use these photos online in order to bring your business down, how would you feel?

    So the guy snapped. He should not have. But I think tht the site this story was originally posted on is a much better example of hate than one lone guy snapping.

  3. Very different scenario you bring, french student, totally.

    If I were doing nothing wrong, then there'd be nothing you could do.

    However, in this case, these are murder clinics. And if we do anything at all, we should try to do our best to bring them down.

    Notice that the Pro-Lifer was just taking pictures of the facility that has caused more deaths than all prisons combined.