Thursday, September 25, 2008

The ACLU Strikes Again...

The following comes from OneNewsNow.Com

For the third time, the American Civil Liberties Union has challenged Arizona's school choice program.

The law permits private corporations to dedicate part of their tax liability for tuition scholarships at religious or other private schools. According to an Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) press release, the ACLU filed suit, claiming that including religious schools violates separation of church and state. Gary McCaleb, an attorney with ADF, disagrees.

What we have here is another attempt by the ACLU to take away our right to choose or decide which school we wish to attend, and the scholarships that would be afforded to the families who wouldn't otherwise have the money if it were not for those sponsoring their efforts through their school's scholarship program. In other words, the ACLU says "No, we won't permit you to attend the school of your choice ... you must attend public school." Further translation reveals the ACLUs agenda - "You can learn deviancy, but you can't attend a school where you will learn the truth."

So, when students try to escape the deviant agenda of the left, the left-wing ACLU with their socialist agenda steps in to block any efforts to attending good schools.

Now, the ACLU will win this case if the Christian people in Arizona do not rise up and stop them.

Attention!: Christian people of Arizona! Please stand and say no to the ACLU! Write to the Governor and representatives of your state and tell them you want your schools left alone ... tell the ACLU to get out of the way!

God bless!!

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