Monday, September 22, 2008

Biden to Attend Gala for Largest Pro-Homosexual Group

OneNewsNow.Com reports:

A pro-family activist says Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden's upcoming appearance at the national dinner for the largest homosexual civil rights group shows what is truly at stake in the presidential election.

On October 4, Senator Biden (D-Delaware) will be the featured speaker at the national dinner for the Human Rights Campaign in Washington, DC. According to an HRC press release, the senator said he was honored to take part in the event and vowed to stand with the homosexual-rights group to advance their cause.

As the article goes on to note, this really proves what is at stake in this election!

Family is the backbone of society, and the only institution by which our Culture must consist in order for our Nation to remain a strong one. True marriage is one that embodies the definition as defined by God, who ordained marriage in the beginning. Marriage as He defines it, is exactly the example He used in conveying that to us, as Christ is the Head of the Church, so then, we, the body of Believers are His bride ... The Church!

Any definition which seeks to overthrow or denounce what is meant in the Traditional sense, is but merely desire, and it should be opposed with ferver!

Please stand up for our sacred institution of marriage and vote McCain/Palin for Presidency of the United States!

God bless!

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