Monday, September 29, 2008

The Left's Ultimate Goal

What might that be? The Freedom of Choice Act.

Here is a print-out of the entire document

A quick note before I go on, the document gives figures for women in as a few thousands, whom they see as "in danger" but what they fail to mention is the 1.2 million children that are murdered.

What would it do? It would trump and isolate Roe v. Wade from all outside attempts at making provision for the unborn child's life, and further striking down all present restrictions on abortion in various states that hold to a pro-life standard. In essence, it would make it nearly impossible to save any child from being murdered. Barack Obama has signified that this is one of; if not the first bill that he will sign in his administration as it is one of the first bills that the left will introduce to congress upon Mr. Obama's election ... which, with the House being controlled by Democrats and both House and Senate being controlled by liberals after Mr. Obama's entering office, it would pass most definitely. This, combined with the fact that Obama does not support saving the life of children who survive abortion (See link to the right of your screen: BornAliveTruth.Org), much less overlooking the fact that these babies suffer and later die as a result of the traumatic procedure, is all the proof we need that he is all for death and cares nothing for innocent people.

Folks, I am all for freedom to choose, but only before a child is conceived. After that point, the choice to end the life of the child is off the table, because life is more than just feelings, my friends. Through His love, Almighty God chose to give us life, now we must choose out of love as He did, to do the same.

So, I just hope that Pro-Life folks such as myself will commit themselves to exposing the intent of the left-wing over the next 36 days and warn people, that it is imperative that we vote for the candidates that defend and support life and will appoint Supreme Court Justices' who will decide forthrightly.

God bless!

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