Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pittsburgh To Change School Policy So That It Favors Sexual Predators

The University of Pittsburgh is changing its anti-discrimination policy to include gender identity.

The new policy means that a man who feels like he is a woman can be housed in the women's dormitory and vice versa. And that involves "showering and using the restroom and the whole shebang," explains Diane Gramley, president of American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA).

This article comes from OneNewsNow.Com

Only someone on the kook-left would think of creating policy that allows for men to enter womens' quarters on campus. Yet, they claim it is "discrimination" if they aren't allowed ... Really?

There's only two things that the new policy will do if it goes into effect:

1. It is bowing to the homosexual agenda.

2. It will create an unsafe environment for women.

Now, I want to go back to the discrimination part. If I, or anyone else does not wish to discriminate against murder, and this goes into government policy ... what are we going to have? We're going to have numerous killings on a daily basis. You have to differentiate on what's clearly right and wrong, and it's very simple.

Isn't murder wrong? Of course it is! Do liberals think so? Apparently not, because they don't want you to discriminate against something that is clearly wrong!

If it's wrong, it's wrong! Okay, Democrats ... Hey! Earth, Earth to Democrats ... Do you read me?

You know, what really amazes me, is many on the left who are atheists that are proponents of secularism say they "do not believe in right and wrong" yet they will go right back on their word and tell you that you are "wrong" for stating your objections to the homosexual lifestyle. This is the very thing we talked about here several weeks ago, the propaganda techniques, or lies rather that the left uses to try and force depravity unspeakable on the backs of the moral sector of America.

Being that liberals have controlled by force the educational system, it is then no wonder that something so absurd as this school policy in Pittsburgh is being changed to becoming a beneficiary of criminals.

Stand up, Christians! Stand up for America!

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