Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Victory and Defeat

Well, my dear readers, I am heartily disappointed on one front, but am rejoicing on another. The disappointment first ... I am disappointed because America needed a leader with the courage, and the want-to, to do the right thing. Unfortunately, Americans chose to elect a man who is running on many promises he does not intend to keep - In other words, none of what Barack Obama has told the American people about himself is the "truth", and there is no truth in him. I had high hopes for John McCain and Sarah Palin as our new leaders, moving our country forward instilling new hope for the very damaged educational system that we now endure ... unfortunately, the degree to which our educational system has been damaged was proven on the dark day of Novemeber 4, 2008. It became more apparent after the MSM (liberal media) did all they could to prove their evil and hatred for Sarah Palin, and the American people believed every lie that the MSM told. Huge crowds filled Chicago, Illinois and Washington D.C., the Majority of those being young folks in their teens and twenties, which had no idea what they had just done.

As Jesus said to the crowd of angry Jews who had him crucified, I will say the same to those who voted for Barack Obama...

Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do!

With our present situation, and a newly-elected Communist poised to take office in just 76 days, it is time for true Christians to prepare for the imminent and coming persecution, due to liberals taking control of both houses of Congress, with radical left-wing representatives very likely to overreach their powers. Not to mention the possibility of vacancies on the Supreme Court which would be filled by the extreme liberal "President"-elect, Barack Obama. Barack Obama has stated that he wishes there to be "less" abortions, that he "does not" support same-sex marriage. He has stated that "we must do everything to protect our best ally in the Middle East, Israel-I support Israel. So he 'says', "That he will "lower" taxes for the middle and working class," etc, etc, etc.

None of it "truth", my friends, not one word of it. Obama has plainly stated the first thing that he will do as President is sign the "freedom of choice act" which would strike down all existing restrictions on abortion, and would permanently erase all the progress made on behalf and in defense of innocent unborn children in their mothers wombs.

If Barack Obama were truly and "Christian", and truly cared for life, and wanted to see an end to the barbarity that is abortion, he would not be signing this new bill that is nothing but death's dark door waiting to make the next generation of innocent unborn children victims of this harrowing cancer that is devestating America, today...since it's conception into law on January 22, 1973. If you do the math, from that time in 1973 until now, 35 years later...yes, 35 years, soon to be 36 years of murder being proclaimed as the law of the land here in the United States, each year since that dark day in January of 1973 there have been slightly above 1 million children murdered for mere personal-convenience. Which, to date, would equal somewhere close to 50 million...rough figures bring it out at about 45,500,000...but I would wager it to be more than that, as there is no way to tell how many abortion clinics do illegal (un-reported) abortions, with un-qualified physicians, so I'm guessing somewhere in the range of 51 to 52.5 million innocent children since 1973. After Barack Obama is sworn in on January 20, 2009 the yearly count, which is somewhere at 1.2 million will increase by several hundred thousands if not doubling to more than 2 million per year. The same applies to the daily averages, the 4 thousand innocents being murdered on a daily basis as of the present will double to 8 thousand innocents per day when Obama is sworn in.

Can you imagine over 100 years of right and moral judgement being changed to suit the evil of society? Murder being proclaimed as a part of autonomy, as a "right"?

My, how we have changed. Our Founding Fathers would have never envisioned such blashemous ruling in their day and age. Even since that darkest of days in 1973 when Roe v. Wade (Murder) was signed into law, we are headed to far darker times still...

Other things we can expect are law pertaining to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost ... Democrats are already talking about the enacting and assigning a hate-crimes bill for those who speak out in defense of marriage, life, and mainly the message of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in winning lost souls for His kingdom. These things will become considered "hate-speech", and punishable by law, under Obama's administration.

So, now is the time to start preparing, and to stand up when these things start to happen.

Much of the reason for this, in why Obama is now our President, is because most self-professed Christians have not lived out what it truly means to be a disciple of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in witnessing and getting the truth out about what is truth and right from God's Holy Word, which signifies a lack of faith in our nation today. Yes, that the Christian lost the battle generations ago on the public education level has a great deal to do with it, and that's why it's important that as Christians we should witness more, and help folks to understand on an individual level of what is truth...the secular crowd has worked successfully at placing a monopoly on truth in education for so long, and the Christians have sit back and done nothing. There is One truth, and what is truth? God's Word.

So, let us pray and ask for God's direction and most importantly for strength to win souls for His kingdom while we still can. God still works miracles, folks, I firmly believe that, but if we don't put our complete faith and trust in Him, humbly seeking His favor then we can't expect a blessing. Obama talks about "re-distributing" the wealth, "spreading the wealth around" ... Friends, Jesus never demanded and never advocated for the government to take control of "destribution", giving comes from the heart, friends, and if we want to give something to somebody, the best things we can give people in our life is asking them to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior ... Money fades away, but Salvation in Jesus Christ will last indefinitely...for Eternity!

True victory is not in man's ability ... True Victory is when Christ willingly shed His innocent blood for each of us on the Cross at Calvary!

One more note ...

Despite defeat to Obama last night, this nation triumphed in One front this three states, as a matter of fact...The states of Arizona, California, and the state of Florida won the battle for marriage between One man and One woman. I was especially pleased to hear that Proposition 8 has successfully passed. Proposition 8 was the second largest election in the United States yesterday besides the presidential election, with a massive $74 million dollars going to help defend our most sacred institution, that binds and makes family what it should be, the traditional bond of marriage.

God bless!

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  1. Dear Jeremiah,
    I am so afraid! Obama has duped over half our fellow Christians into voting him. Can we even call these people Christiaans anymore? What will they think when the police arrest them for praying?

  2. Can we even call these people Christians anymore?

    Well, they proclaim to be "Christians", so that is between them and God. I can't judge them based upon the votes they gave to Obama...there are a lot of good people out there that want to try to do what's right, and thought they doing right this time when they voted for Barack Obama, but for the most part were fooled

    What will they think when the police arrest them for praying?

    Well, needless to say, they would be angry and upset.

    If those things to come to fruition, then there's a 50/50 that you could see a militia formed to force Obama out of office, but with that usually comes a lot of blooshed. People warring with each other and what not, but enough out-cry and the people could do it peacefully and have him impeached, but, with Democrats having complete control of both houses, I don't foresee the peoples outcry doing any good, as any suffering would be ignored by the radicals hate-filled left that controls Washington.

    So peaceable means is probably out of the question. Just look for some very terrible times for America.

    One things for sure, after Obama gets done with America...the people will definitely know there's a God, and they'll understand that it's important to know what's right and not listen to the liberal MSM before going to the polls.


  3. God is probably punishing America, for mocking President Bush. I read an excellent article in World Net Daily that correctly asserted that God is punishing our nation for foolishly mocking President Bush and his policies. Of course, God will be punishing our nation for forgetting the fact that abortion is murder, but He will also be punishing our nation for approving of stupidity. God does not have sympathy for the ingrates that didn't leave New Orleans, and the MSM and Hollywood felt that President Bush should have gone against the Will of the LORD. The LORD will also punish the American people for losing their faith in that Saddam Hussein harbored WMDs, and will also punish us for implementing socialized medicine, the pinnacle of misanthropy.

    At least Prop 8 passed, and at least Michelle Bachmann and Ted Stevens are still in office. Maybe God will be gentler in His punishments.