Friday, November 21, 2008

Why Must Christians Take Back Education?

The importance of this issue couldn't be any more clear, than the person who describes it in this article:

In the recent election, 68 percent of new young voters overwhelming chose to vote for Obama and the Democrats' socialist agenda. That's a scary statistic, but it's no accident. It's the result of a patient, long-term strategy on the part of leftist social reformers.

The majority of new voters were recent public school graduates and new university students. It's no secret that the left controls government education in this country, especially the universities. Public education is a guaranteed assembly line for mass-market production of new liberal voters.

For too long, conservatives have felt comfortable in our numbers. The fact that the country appeared to be split almost exactly 50/50 between Republicans and Democrats seemed almost healthy, because it guaranteed "balance" and prevented the scary specter of one-party rule.

Meanwhile, liberals have been biding their time as they took over the public education system, which forms the hearts and minds of future voters. All these willing young minds have been filled with utopian ideals as their parents' values are deemed "old fashioned," conservatives are painted as "out of touch" and Democrats are hailed as compassionate social reformers, fighting for the rights of the common man. Religion is carefully left out of the historical record (except for negative examples such as the Salem Witch Trials) and is therefore deemed "unimportant" or a threat to progress.

If 68 percent of current new graduates are sympathetic to liberal ideology, it won't be more than one or two election cycles before conservatives are flatly outnumbered and this country is hopelessly locked in one-ideology rule.

Do read the whole article.

The future is clearly at stake in this country, and it is only by the Christian people in this country that can turn this country around and head it in the opposite of that which the Democrats wish to take it. Oh, have no doubts, there will be extreme opposition by the ACLU and other organizations that operate on a basis of hatred of all things Christian ... but if you would just take the time to reflect on the damage that these organizations could do if you don't do something ... it is nothing short of catastrophic. Yes, if the atheist-Left does succeed in stamping out all Christian voices, the United States will go on, but it won't be the nation that it was ... that 'shining light on a hill' as so many use so freely without being that example, that light.

God's people, the Church, is the 'Light of the world,' and you must go into the world and invade the dark forces that control our institutions of learning, and turn these places around to a more hopeful place of learning.

That is my only prayer for this country right now, as that God's people in this country would make an effort to do something, even if it's just writing a letter to your Senator, or talking with your child's school principal about their education, and letting them know, that you don't want atheism taught to your children. It incumbent upon all to make an effort, and combined, we can make a difference!

Let your voices be heard!

God bless you!

Update: Awareness on the dangers of the public school system.

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