Friday, December 26, 2008

Answers In Lonely Times

If you've ever wondered why America continues to decline into a morally bankrupt state ... wonder no more. Ravi Zacharias explains with genius, yet, simple and easy to understand answers to the questions you might have in these very troubling times.

Ravi first goes into detail about current day "higher" education, and how atheists have taken complete advantage of a little know tyranny that took place way back in 1947 and Murray v. Curlett in 1963 ... these two decisions marked the way for a gradual decadence that we see in America today. Their effects are being witnessed through the proliferation of philosophy known as "post-modernism" which is designed to take meaning away from life, and everything related to life - Basically, the destruction of right and wrong principles, and it has worked. After-all, how could it not, when our government is imposing atheistic principles upon the mind of young folks in our institutions of learning.

It's a chain reaction of sorts, take the generation before Everson v. Bd. of Ed. and Murray v. Curlett when truth was manifest, and afterwards when truth was thrown out, and you see the effect of it (post-modernism) this very day. Today, we see meaninglessness everywhere, people who have no principles about them, faces of hollowness and despair, which is - Post-Modernism.

While Brother Zacharias does not go into detail regarding Post-Modernism, he keys in on the proponents of it. He does, however, have a 5 part series on the key-points surrounding it, if you would like to take the time to watch it on Youtube.

These next few minutes will be an incite into the radical nature of atheist professors and their assertive, dogmatic views.


In the meantime, after watching some of Ravi's other videos, I am considering an in-depth series of my own on Post-Modernism.

Please stay tuned...

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