Saturday, December 27, 2008

Israel Strikes Back

More than 200 were killed in:

Israel's airstrikes on Gaza today, in retaliation for a nonstop barrage of rocket attacks from Hamas fighters, raised the prospect of an ongoing escalation of violence that could scuttle any hopes the incoming Obama administration harbored of forging an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

One would hope that the United States will stand by Israel's decision of retaliation in defense. I don't think we'll have much to worry about in the near-term as President Bush still holds the reins during this conflict until January 20. After he leaves office, however, will be a different story, as I don't expect President Elect Obama to stand by Israel during this time of crisis, not to mention that he will most likely embolden Hamas (terrorists), and other Arabic nations to continue their pursuit of the destruction of Israel.

Some may think that Obama supports Israel. Me, personally, I am not of that opinion - Simply because Obama has a past history of supporting Hamas, and this will be something that we will need to be concerned about in the future, after he is sworn in as the standing Commander-in-Chief.

Will he stand with Israel, or with the terrorists?

Time will tell, but like I said, I don't foresee Obama doing the right thing. I mean, we can hope that he does, and we can just hope that he has some people who will keep him straight on foreign matters, but like all things, your record says a great deal about what your future as a leader will most likely look like.

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