Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taming The Savages

See what the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is whining about now!

"Travel the Road", a popular Christian reality TV series produced by the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), follows the travels of Will Decker and Tim Scott, two "extreme" missionaries, as they circle the world fulfilling their mission -- “Preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth and encourage the church to be active in the Great Commission.”

Season 2 of this series ended with three episodes filmed in Afghanistan -- Journey to the Line: Afghanistan: Part 1, Terrors of the Night: Afghanistan: Part 2, and Fog of War: Afghanistan: Part 3. For these episodes, the missionaries were completely embedded and, thus, actually permitted to stay on U.S. military bases, travel with a public affairs unit, and accompany and film troops on patrols, all for the purpose of evangelizing Afghanis and producing a television show promoting the Christian religion. The number of DoD Public Affairs regulations violated in the military's participation and assistance in producing a religious program alone is staggering, not to mention other violations (including constitutional) documented in the content of the program, which include the outrageous violation of the United States Central Command's General Order 1-A, which absolutely prohibits any proselytization whatsoever in the Middle Eastern theater of operations. In complete disregard of this bedrock standing order, the U.S. Army facilitated these evangelizing Christian missionaries in their distribution of New Testaments in the Arabic native language ("Darri" dialect) to the Afghani people.

The clips in this video are all from the program's third Afghanistan episode, with the e xception of the second clip, which is from the first episode. The chaplain in that clip, who expresses his delight about being able to talk to the Afghani people about Christianity and the possibility of a "revival" in their country, is Capt. Brad Hanna of the Oklahoma National Guard. After returning from Afghanistan, Capt. Hanna was made a full-time support chaplain for the Oklahoma National Guard. Also facilitating the numerous constitutional, regulation, and general order violations perpetrated in the making of these episodes was SSgt. Sheldon Hoyt, who was in Afghanistan at the time with Oklahoma National Guard's 45th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Battalion, 179th Infantry Regiment. SSgt. Hoyt, who is frequently mentioned by the evangelizing Christian missionaries throughout the "Travel the Road" episodes, appears to have been more involved with their crusade than just being assigned by the Army to assist them, being a regular participant on the "Travel the Road" internet message board that they hosted for several years.

To right thinking people across the nation, this gives Americans an opportunity to exterminate the source of 9/11, Islam, at its laughable roots. America cannot tolerate the existance of a religion that demands America's extermination, just as America cannot tolerate a country that threatens its allies. Liberals, as always, demand that we allow Islam to exist, and stop our efforts to eradicate it. Their screams of protest should not dissuade the righteous and the sane, however, for these are the same people who want to 'sit down and talk' with a nation that wants to 'wipe Israel off the map'.

The usage of military resources and troops is paramount in their mission. The military is the only American organization that won't be attacked by every single Afghan; it is also the only American organization that can adequately protect these missionaries. The missionaries have also shown themselves to be vital in securing Afghanistan, as they have significantly improved the infrastructure in Kadanhar. Yet liberals, with howls that pierce a Nemean Lion's skin, will bawl that American taxpayer money is being used for a religious organization, and that all activity from these missionaries must immediately cease. Their opinions should not matter to us, though, for who likes to spend taxpayer money on worthless social nets while simultaneously cutting funding from the military? Heeding their roars would be foolish, as they do not exist.

In conclusion, I would like to share one of their videos with you. Not only are these missionaries vital to the Afghan people, the videos are used in my children's homeschooling lessons, so it would be a significant loss for us if this television program discontinues.


  1. What part of a "violation of the United States Central Command's General Order 1-A" do yo unot understand?

  2. What part of "taking care of the Afghan people" do YOU not understand? These people are suddenly having a much better infrastructure in their towns.

    For all the liberals whine about welfare for our lazy poor, they sure don't seem to care about the poor from third world countries.