Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Truth About Abortion - Result of A Reprobate Mind

Most people don't like to view bloodshed or violence, and for good reason, it creates fear in a person's mind, and the most often question asked is, why? Why did that have to happen?

Well, I've come to help you understand part of the answer. I'm going to try and make it short and to the point ...

First of all, there is never a call for bloodshed or violence, remember that before anything else.

Secondly, the reason there is bloodshed and violence, is because of sin.

Bloodshed, which is murder, is defined as one of many sins, but they are all equal. God never raises or lowers His standard on what constitutes as sin.

Now, you may have noticed, that bloodshed and violence have become more prevalent in America today - And why is this?

Mainly because, God's people (as in those who profess to have faith in God) chose to compromise with the devil. What do you mean? God's people chose to agree with socialists, which are atheists, who choose to define the value of life from a humanist viewpoint ... which is, in essence, Satan's view. Abortion is Satan's goal for all human beings, as he places most influence on the flesh. Anything like death, suffering, pain, lust, depression and so forth, are a result of giving Satan control over ones mind and body. When these things are present in ones life for so long, then ones heart continues to harden, or, as the Apostle Paul writes in Romans 1:21 "their foolish hearts became darkened" then God turns them over to a reprobate mind. What does "reprobate" mean? Well, there are several different definitions, but all consist of mainly the same thing. So, what is it? Reprobate means 'foreordained to damnation': CONDEMNED: morally abandoned. How do we know if someone is reprobate? It is hard to say for some folks, but for not so for others. For those of us who can still recognize evil for what it is, and have an understanding of what God's Word teaches, we have that hope that the reprobate person does not have - one of the easiest ways to recognize a reprobate mind, is by watching the life of one whom we might consider to be a "friend" who at one time had an interest in the Lord, reading their Bible and going to church on a regular basis, but then we start to notice changes in their behavior - We might notice something in their life that is not consistent with the Scriptures and we feel the need to reprove, or correct them with Scriptures (which is the only feasible method), and we notice that they start to shy away from it, don't give an answer, shrug their shoulders or something to that effect, and the next time we share God's Word with them, they become angry with it, but still want to be friends, but as we continue this friendship, our friend comes out and says, "I don't want to hear it anymore, if you're going to mention God and Jesus and the Bible to me again, I don't want to be friends anymore. I feel fine the way I am, and I think God is okay with what I'm doing." In effect, doing the very thing that God warned against, calling evil "good", and good "evil." It's at this point, when they do not want to live according to God's Word, that He has withdrawn His Holy Spirit from holding on to them, in effect, abandoning them. A very tragic situation, indeed! Often times, however, many will regret what they've done, after they finally realize what a mistake it was for them to reject God's calling through those who tried to be an example, and light for them in their darkest hours, but whenever God withdraws His Spirit from calling them any further, the small things that they were drawn into, lead to more and more repulsive things, and eventually, the very evil things, the things we talked about earlier, bloodshed and violence.

The really sad part about all of this, is that our legislators, lawmakers and Congress people are all encouraging sin, and thus, leading hundreds of thousands into the reprobate mind; and more every day. People have no sense of right and wrong, because they have no control over their thoughts and actions, due to allowing Satan complete right-of-way over their thinking and whole way of life.

Abortion is one among the many things, in our society today, that is a result of what we term as - The Reprobate Mind.

Next, I want you to take a few moments, and watch a video that shows us the realities behind the mentality that our legislators and Congress people are not only condoning but perpetrating. A note of warning - A strong stomach is needed.

If this in any way disgusts you, or turns you away in horror; then maybe we shouldn't be tolerating it in our society.

Caution: Viewer Discretion Advised. Unsuitable for children.

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  1. Except that other countries, which have even more "rejected god" than the US, enjoy lesser degrees of violence than the US. I'm thinking western europe. You know the number of gun-related death per year in France?

  2. That's a truly sickening video, Jeremiah.

    In a sane society, abortion doctors would be executed, under law, in a similar manner that abortions are carried out. "Do unto others as you would have done unto you", says Jesus. These doctors do not deserve any dignity in their executions. They deserve nothing less than to be fed to the vultures.

    I think that women who get abortions should also be executed, at least if they're unrepentant. A woman is willing to sacrifice an innocent child for the sake of fornication, or sin; some of the time, it is not the woman's fault, but she almost always carries some of the blame.

    Those who advise others to get abortions should also be executed, especially if the advisers are adults encouraging a teenage female to get an abortion.

    Quite frankly, I have no sympathy with those who get pregnant 'accidentally'. Even if a female would die giving birth to the child, even if the child would be born with diseases, and even if a female is raped, there is still NO excuse for abortion.

  3. Yeah, you did not adress a word of what I said.

    Your country is violent because, not in spite of people like you. People that believe god is on their side. People that want to force their god, their morals, on everyone else. Countries that have "rejected god" as you say, have understood a long time ago that religion was a private matter.

    We had to go through bloody religious wars but we finally have undestood that god belongs in the church, not the laws.

    Now you and people like you are advocating new, modern religious wars. You decry "violence" while in the same sentence you want the death of 800 000 women a year. If you think reasonnable people are going to accept that...

    Whatever, enjoy your bloodbath, but do not expect other countries to respect you.

    You are not part of the solutions, Jeremiah. You are part of the problem.

  4. Whatever, enjoy your bloodbath, but do not expect other countries to respect you.

    I never said anything about "advocating a bloodbath" ... you said that. The bloodbath that 'I' refer to, is the blood of millions upon millions of unborn children that have been murdered ... which is the result of other countries peddling their very insane policies here, and the liberals using our schools as a means to further this ideology of murder.

    So, what does that make our country? No better than any other country who advocates for murder.

    I don't know about your own country where you live, but here in America we have the freedom to reject something which might go against the traditional ways that we hold dear through our First Amendment rights defined in our Constitution - Other countries are not so fortunate enough to have this freedom to oppose, because other countries are controlled by fascist Communism which is based upon atheistic principles - Even now, America is starting to do as the Communist countries are doing, as you can see in this video - our law enforcement is being used in a fascist Socialist manner by assaulting these peaceful pro-life protesters.

    As Christians who came to escape this tyranny, we don't want to go back to the European fascist style days, this is the very thing we fought to end in the 1800s when slavery was around, and if that is what it takes to end the fascist mentality that has overtaken our schools and nation, then so be it! At least justice would be served, and justice will be served ... make no mistake about it!

    You are not part of the solutions, Jeremiah. You are part of the problem.

    And how are you a solution to anything when you uphold the violence against these peaceful pro-lifers? Or when you defend these barbaric acts against these little children?

    Friend, please look in the mirror when you tell me that I am the "problem." Search deeper into your heart and ask God to open your mind to the truth, which is that you are living a lie, you defend lies, and you perpetrate lies, which is the very problem that our society is plagued with by other countries peddling their communism/socialism here. The very root of the problem, however, is I outlined within the very first sentences of my post.

    Sin is the problem, such as abortion (the murder of innocent unborn human beings).

    Jesus Christ is the answer.

    Ask one out of 2/3s of over 2,000,000,000 that have already accepted Him and they will tell you, exactly what I've told you.

    One last note regarding your "800 000" figures ... there is something wrong when you have over a 1,000,000+ women, most under the age of 16 that are having abortions each year...that's not counting the other millions of abortions in other countries. It needs to stop!
    The only thing I want in this case is for our laws to uphold some standard on protecting the most innocent of life in the womb. you can't do it by making it legal. Many will say that abortions will be "fewer" if you make it legal ... well, if that is the case, then perhaps there would be fewer abortions than what are carried out in America today. The legal argument in my honest opinion is a load of hogwash. The only way to reduce the number of abortions is to restrict its practice ... it's just like a thief, if you continue to allow him access to your belongings, then you're just asking for more of your belongings being stolen until eventually you have no belongings. The same with abortion, as long as it continues to be legal there will be more and more abortions until the American spirit and freedom are completely gone, because I can tell you, no country escapes by doing such dastardly barbarism without God's judgment.

  5. Sorry, it was OS that advocated the death of the 800 000 women a year that have abortions, not you.

    That is, if you disagree with him

  6. "I think that women who get abortions should also be executed"

    You sir are disgusting and no Christian.