Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nancy Pelosi: More Abortion and Contraception Will "Help" Stimulate Economy

This was the dream of the House Majority all along - to be able to murder more children, and put a greater emphasis on murdering unborn children. Nancy Pelosi figures that less people will "stimulate" the economy.

One must bear in mind, however, that when Nancy Pelosi; or most any Liberal Democrat for that matter, refers to "reducing the costs" she and they mean reducing the number of people living by murdering them.

This is reminiscent of those people who are renowned for their notorious efforts to slaughter people in the name of none other than selfish greed, and dictatorial, fascist power.

Take Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Josef Mengele, and last but not least, Margaret Sanger, the one for whom we can identify as the founder of the genocidal/infanticidal organization we now know as Planned Parenthood. For no other organization can we accredit more intentional and with malice mortalities than Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood remains leading number one in the murder industry under the laws of this land.

And Nancy Pelosi is leading the way along side her left-hand man, and Pinhead-in-Chief, Barack Obama, who has opened the flood-gates to blood-letting around the world.

Evil times, friends, Evil times!

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