Monday, January 19, 2009

One Last Accomplishment

Finishing strong:

On his last full day in office, President Bush commuted the controversial sentences of two former Border Patrol agents convicted of shooting a Mexican drug runner in 2005.

Lefties, just as a fair warning, you can't say anything bad about one of the greatest leaders of our time, George W. Bush.

It really says something about our justice system, and a man with convictions, who devoted his entire leadership to the cause of good, who has the sheer courage and will to go against the grain. It shows the difference in what our justice system will fight for tooth and nail to defend (in this case, the "right" for people to enter this country and do as they please), and what the fear of Almighty God can accomplish ... to stand up for these two fine officers doing their duty to protect American citizens from people like that ill intended drug peddler.

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