Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Obama's Pick for Deputy Attorney General

We want to extend a hardy thank you to Steven Groves of the Heritage Foundation for having the courage to stand up for this noble cause - In calling for the withdrawal of another one of Obama's criminal activist appointments. David Ogden is one known for representing Playboy, an organization that is devoted to the proliferation of pornographic material. Mr. Ogden is also an active proponent of infanticide.

Mr. Ogden is as deserving of his position as Barack Obama is the Presidency, and that would be exactly zero.

It's not so much their past, regardless of how ugly it may be, it is more so how they currently view things, which is very dangerous, to say the least. We can't allow their faulty, criminal-minded judgment to be a part of our justice system. This goes for many of the others who Obama has appointed, as well. People such as Hillary Clinton, who, is on much the same level as Nancy Pelosi, but is much more dangerous than Ms. Pelosi due to her intelligence. She is a very smart, evil, cunning woman.

Okay, if you have any thoughts regarding Obama's first two weeks of poor leadership, feel free to share them...

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