Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Open Thread: Spring

While there is not much good happening on the political front, there is some great good happening with regard to our change of seasons. God's creation is awakening with the sights and sounds of spring! Yes, dear folks, it is finally spring, and a much anticipated one at that, after such a long and cold winter.

Here is a photo shot of some of the first flowers that have blossomed outside of my house this afternoon. They are the first ones to bloom every year. They are miniature daffodils, along with some tulips, and standard daffodil bulbs that will open in a few more days.

It was kind of overcast and raining when I took this picture, as you may notice with the water droplets clinging to the petals on the flowers.

Beautiful, aren't they?

To me, they come as an early reminder, that Easter is not far away, which is the day that we celebrate our Lord's Resurrection!

God bless!

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