Saturday, May 2, 2009

Country-Side Snapshots

I and my brother took a ride for the weekend and decided to take some pictures of the country-side, and of course, I took a break from the driving along the way to sneak down in the woods and take a snapshot or two of some more woodland plants as they are appearing along Spring's way...Hope you enjoy them.

This is a photo of what is termed - Mayapple...with "May" in there I assume because it emerges near to the month of May...

This next photo is a picture that I had taken of a farmer's Belgian Draft, or work-horse...

This is a photo that I caught of a deer peering through the brush in an opening, which looks to be, like the horse in the above photo, in spring shedding of the long hairs that is their winter coat, into cooler fitting apparel...

I am sorry and apologize for not writing much on political matters; in all honesty, I have not had much interest in writing about politics. Although I am aware of the things that are happening, and that Mr. Obama is making some very disheartening decisions regarding his appointments to his cabinet as well as the Supreme Court, which I knew, as well as many others knew would happen.

So, perhaps I will try from time to time on writing posts on current events, but right now, it just seems to be a situation where not much can be said until we get closer to a new election which would favor renewal of Republican gains in the House and Senate for 2010, and ultimately, 2012.

As for now, let us enjoy God's majestic work in this most anticipated and waited for Spring time.

God bless!

Thanks for visiting Conservatives United!

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