Monday, July 6, 2009

Gov. Palin Stepping Down

Many would identify Gov. Palin’s resignation as a sign of weakness, or not concerned about the welfare of the people of Alaska. Nothing could be further from the truth.
A couple of things – One, Gov. Palin and her entire family was, and has been, lambasted and attacked viciously from day one by those on the far Left, especially those in the internet; such as Daily Kos and various other blogs dedicated to besmirching and undermining those who have upstanding ethical character and standards; in particular, individuals who are Christians who base their values on God’s Word. Sarah Palin is one who is profoundly Christian.
The liberal-controlled-media has played a large role as well in the attacking Gov. Palin and her family – MSNBC, ABC, to name just a couple.

When Gov. Palin emerged onto the national scene; picked by Senator John McCain (who was then running for the 2008 Presidency) as his running mate for the position of Vice President there were a tremendous number of investigations mounted by the opposition’s (Barack Hussein Obama’s) team of lawyers, searching for, and trying to dig up dirt that was not there. And since that time, there have been numerous others in the recent future that have still been looking for every little thing, including making things up in order to try and destroy her credibility as Governor, and any future ambitions she might have for political office. In turn, this led to an incredible amount in personal finances that would have to be used just to counter the many false accusations put out by these lawyers. Needless to say, this took much precious time away from her duty to govern; time, in her own words, that she could be “doing things for the country,” looking ahead to the future. This, in essence, is just good-old-fashioned, common-sense, in my book. Something that we rarely see today due to the over a half a century’s worth of indoctrination in our government controlled schools.

Two – While many might characterize Gov. Palin’s move as “unwise,” I would beg to differ. This will give her a chance to show that her agenda and ideas are much more adequate to help people and our country as a whole succeed, than the media’s constant and obstinate opining in favor of the communist policies of the current admin/regime.

2012 could not come soon enough.


  1. Oh, heavens. Did you not read the many accounts of how those lawyers' retainers were already in the budget anyway, so the state of Alaska is not saving one thin dime in legal fees by Palin's abrupt departure?

    And I doubt all those state ethics violation charges came up because DailyKos and those other nasty liberal blogs were "digging up dirt." When you're burying bones yourself, you hardly need someone else to set the dirt flying. Plenty of Alaskans had her number. Her elevation to the national level probably increased the scrutiny, but to blame liberal blogs is a strawman.

    Though...I'm sure you're right. It's just "good old-fashioned common sense" to quit your job a little over halfway through the term you committed to serve. That does ever so much to demonstrate your seriousness and dedication to the people's welfare.

    Wake UP, buddy. She's cashing in while the till is open and ringing. Book deals and speaking engagements don't go on forever, you know. She'll milk that cow as long as she can, and bail again right before the 2012 campaign, which she as well as anyone with a couple of brain cells to rub together knows she would never survive beyond the first round. Being able to see Russia from her porch and winking at sexually repressed Republican males may be an early showstopper, but it doesn't win elections on the national stage.

    You, sir, are backing a horse that enters the race lame.

  2. Uh, but that's really not the point. The point was that Alaska benefits more with the lt. Governor because he will have more time to govern, he won't have to spend all of his time in court like Sarah Palin would.

    Also, if Sarah Palin had actually broken the law, you might have a case. But she hasn't...all that has come up are slanders and insults.

    And might I suggest, that, if all your intent to do here is to demean or say bad things about Sarah Palin, then kindly go somewhere else and deposit them. Because it don't fly here. I won't tolerate it.