Monday, July 13, 2009

Sotomayor Hearings

President Barack Obama's recent pick for the Supreme Court nomination has recently said, "It's not the Court's job to make law, but to apply the law."

Well, at least she got half of it right, that it's not the Court's job to make law, but the Court cannot apply law either. The Court's job is to interpret the Constitution so that it can be applied by the legislative branch of government, and rejecting any individual's injection of their own interpretation based on personal feelings into it so that the Constitution remains supreme.

In my honest opinion, I don't think Sonia Sotomayor would make a very good Judge, precisely because she will do what she says in her own words is not the Court's job, and that it is making policy, which is power not delegated to the Court. This, of course, because there are 'universal truths' that the federal government must adhere to, truths which transcend all others, from the Providence of Almighty God.

This is why we have the Tenth Amendment, so as to keep the government in check, and that they do not overstep their bounds with the authority granted them. The federal government's powers are strictly defined, and the states retain all power delegated to them by the people and that can't be denied by the federal Constitution.

The issue is one of sovereignty, which I am thinking about writing a column on.

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