Sunday, August 9, 2009

Economic Terms Part II


What is 'revenue'?

"Revenue - 1:the income from an investment 2: the income that a government collects for public use 3: the income produced by a given source"

One little thing, since the sixteenth amendment was ratified, our government created what is termed the IRS or Internal Revenue Service, which is, for all intents and purposes only there to perform what I call extortionist taxes. The sixteenth amendment alone is a form of extortion. It places in the hands of the Federal Government unlimited taxing authority.

In regards to definition two, I would rephrase that to say - the income that a government steals for public use. It is stealing hard-earned money from the working man and then redistributing it to causes which do not directly benefit the citizenry and nation as a whole ... such as the health-care plan that is currently before Congress, a charade as the Honorable Congressman and Representative Tome Price would call it. This is why we need change in America, change in the opposite direction from the way we are heading, away from Mr. Obama's and Congress's Communist Manifesto mindset and ideas.

We need to, as a nation, come back into submission to the Will of our heavenly Father if we wish to rise out of the disaster that is upon us.

The collection of revenue should never mean the punishment of a responsible work ethic in families, and the rewarding or protection of bad behavior such as abortion, the murder of unborn children.

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