Sunday, August 23, 2009

Is It Really ... "Voluntary"?

Who says that these government-controlled programs are "voluntary"?

Well, that would be an easy way to sell something to try and get people to think that you're a "trustworthy" fellow, when in actuality, your intention is to have them do things your way without any internal options once they've signed on.

That is exactly how it works, and will work with these government-run programs currently being drafted in Congress and to be forced upon the American people.

The plain and simple fact of the matter is, the current system that the government has is going bankrupt with success because it's working ... I know that seems like an odd way to put it, but that's just the way it is.

You see, government-run programs aren't really created by the people, they are designed by the internal bureaucracy that is currently within the government...power-hungry bureaucrats like George Soros and others who want to make a name for themselves and a name only, they aren't looking to help you or me. They design these types of programs Medicare and Medicaid to work for them and only them, not the American people. Take for another example, the educational system, you have the option to send your child to a private school, or to one of the public schools. If you think about how you want your child educated, you will look into, and evaluate each system before you enroll your children to make sure that your child is being taught according to what you wish them to learn. It would be easier to make a decision if this were in the early to mid-1800s, but it's not that easy today because you have so much social-engineering going on in the bad direction, going away from and against the traditional, God-fearing values that started this country. Do you have options in the public schools that will permit your children to not learn the atheist philosophies of Darwinism and sex education? No. Once your child is in the public school, they will be taught atheism and the philosophies there-of. So, if you are a Christian and want your children taught the values that are from Our Father in heaven as opposed to the atheist public school system, then you will have to do either of two things - spend an awful lot of time refuting what your children are learning in school, and explaining things to them the right way, or two, get them out of the public school. Option two, get them out, is your best bet. In addition, the public option is no good, because the government raises your taxes in order to pour money into atheist programs like diversity training...while the educational needs of your children they care less about, because they want to do everything in their power to obliterate every vestige of Christianity and faith in God in this country. I will say this, however, they are fighting an uphill battle that they will not reach the summit of. The government can destroy our bodies, but they can't take our least those of us who were taught and know the truth.

Another question to ponder is: What actually happens to America if a majority of the people agree with the atheist controlled government and sign on to their plan? Well, slowly but surely, you will start to see the government dictating everything that you can and cannot do, and the can's will become far less than the cant's as time progresses. That's just how it is. China, for example, where families can have but only so many children and then no more, they murder the rest. An atheist who is in a position of leadership, he doesn't answer to least they think they don't.

Under a legitimate government, the leaders of a nation are supposed to answer to the people, and the people elect whom they will to be their leaders...the problem is, education is not this way, and with a majority of the people having education watered down with socialist and communist propaganda, they have been taught to vote against their freedom and prosperity. Ultimately, the people answer to God, and we are to elect God-fearing Senators and Representatives as our leaders in order to retain our freedom and prosperity. In other words, we aren't supposed to choose who we think should be our leaders...which would be an earthly king if we were to choose who we think should be our leaders, but we are to follow what God's Word says and choose our leaders who do the same.

Correction: I bleated out like George Soros was a "Senator," but in fact, is a businessman who is in close alignment with leaders on Wall-Street and other financial big-shots and firms, and who works to help the socialist power structure.

God bless!

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