Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Leftist (Atheist) Fascism At Work

A principal and an athletic director are facing criminal charges for a lunch-time prayer.

Last year, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against Pace High School in Santa Rosa County, Florida. The ACLU claimed some teachers and administrators were endorsing religion, but the school chose to give in to the ACLU's demands rather than fight them in court.

According to the settlement, all school employees are banned from engaging in prayer or religious activities before, during, or after school hours. Now two school officials are facing criminal charges for offering meal-time prayers at an appreciation dinner for adults who had helped with a school field house project. Principal Frank Lay and athletic director Robert Freeman are scheduled to go on trial next month on criminal contempt charges. If convicted, both are subject to fines and imprisonment.
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This is the spiritual battle that is in place, the spiritual battle that the Bible talks about at the end of time. A no-holds-barred attack on those who proclaim the truth, and criminalizing our First Amendment Right to free speech.

The atheists think they have it, but no need to fear, my friends, they are only on a hobby-horse thinking they are getting somewhere.

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