Sunday, September 27, 2009

Less Faith Becoming More Common In America

HARTFORD, CT - A new report finds that American adults who claim no religious affiliation increased from 14 million in 1990 to 34 million in 2008.
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Now, while the report says that there is less "religious affiliation" we need to first understand that religion itself is not faith, and is a great deal of the problem we are seeing today. The Church has failed to deliver the true message of Christ to the people...keep in mind, I am not saying that most churches or pastors, ministers are failing in this endeavor, but that many of today's mega-churches with extra large numbers in attendance, are bringing messages which do more to satisfy the sensibilities of human desires ... such as: "Oh you are a good person," and "believe in yourself" etc, which does much to rob the true message of Christ and the Church, which states that we are sinners in need of a Savior, and whatever sin that we may have in our life, we need to get it out and start living according to God's Will for our lives.

Why are people being more skeptical of having faith in God? Well, there are a lot of lies being spread in our government-run, public schools, and those lies have been disseminated across the country in our public schools for 46 years. So there are millions upon millions of folks today since the starting point of atheism in our schools who have no knowledge of the truth, because it has been effectively forced out of the debate through the preaching of tolerance...and this is what happens when the tolerance of diversity, which leads to polytheism (the worship of many gods), which leads to confusion and eventually mayhem and anarchy.

Although the report may say that the majority of those without any religious affiliation are non-antagonistic toward religion, any reported findings like that will inevitably prove a great deal of reluctance on the part of the individual/individuals to share their true feelings regarding the matter, and it is my contention that they are hostile to most religions, the faith of Christianity in particular. Why? Because of the reasons I mentioned, seeing how the majority of people have learned from the atheistic school system for the past 46 years.

Something must be done about our public schools. The atheism must go. It must be permeated from the learning process for all those concerned.

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  1. Atheism started 46 years ago? What a laugh. Atheism is older than your Christ.

  2. RE: Atheism is older than your Christ.

    No, I'm afraid not. They are the same age, Jesus has been since before the earth, as there was no beginning to God, He' been around for eternity, and will be around for eternity.

    Satan has been around for eternity too, and atheism has been his number one goal ever since mankind came on the scene...but his deceit will end, and in not too pleasant a manner.