Monday, October 26, 2009

Pelosi and Dems Desparately Looking To Force Government-Run Healthcare

A healthcare policy analyst says the healthcare legislation being promoted by liberals in Congress is dangerous even without a so-called "public option."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) has counted votes in the House and reportedly does not have enough to pass a "robust public option," however her office is denying that report. Obama administration officials believe they will be able to pass a compromise form of government-run healthcare by rounding up enough liberals and moderates to support a public option "trigger." The plan would allow a government plan to kick in if private insurers do not expand coverage fast enough.

Greg D'Angelo is a policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation's Center for Health Policy Studies. He says Pelosi does not have enough votes because her proposal is out of touch with what Americans want in a health reform plan.
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If the blue dog Democrats give in on this, the American taxpayer is surely in trouble. Naturally the radicals, the communist oriented faction of our Congress will do everything they can to deceive other members of Congress who oppose the radical bill to go along with it ... but this is where it's critical for those members of Congress who oppose the measure to stick to their guns, so to speak...and not give in. Even more critical is for the American people who are concerned, that sector of America that pays taxes to continue writing their Senators and Representatives telling them to not support the bill ... because if they go against our wishes, the American peoples wishes, there will be dire consequences.

So, who would you rather there be more and severe consequences ... you, the American people ... or Congress, who won't opt for the same?

Take heed, America ... this is where the future of this great country rests ... on this single, and most critical decision, alone.

God bless!

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  1. So, what are you saying here, Jeremiah? God doesn't want the American people to be hale and hearty, and to all benefit equally from ready access to high-quality health care? He wants big business to dictate who lives and who dies based on their actuarial charts and cynical profit-based calculations?

    Would Christ have supported an insurance machine that denied treatment to those most in need of care?

    It astounds me that you are siding with the corporate interests on this issue. Are they not the modern-day equivalent of the moneychangers Jesus evicted from the temple?

    Explain how your stance on this is compassionate. Please.

  2. RE: So, what are you saying here, Jeremiah?

    Dear Anonymous poster,

    I am saying that the American can and must do everything to prevent this most disastrous bill from passing through our Senators and Representatives. As this legislation will strip taxpayers of the necessary funds to send their children and grandchildren through school, and it will strip many poor working families of the money to put food on the table for their little children. The burden will be too great to bear.

    Also, the legislation will distribute funds to the industry that takes unborn life. This would include millions of extra dollars to the already multi-million dollar slaughter of unborn children.

    Do not try to change the argument against the healthcare legislation in favor of it, in other words, don't suggest that the government-run option provides the same coverage as what the private insurance does. As that's what you're doing.

    There is nothing to indicate that the government-run plan will do what you assume it will do. It will deny coverage for those that do not meet the government's definition of "cost-effective." So there's no need in lying to try and prove something that isn't true.

    Christ does not take the side of government, my friend. He asks us to freely give from the heart, which is the true definition of charity. He does not demand anything from anyone. He would not approve of the government taking from those who have worked hard for their money in order to give it to those who have not worked for it. It rewards irresponsibility and unhealthy living practices.

    This is to show that our dependency is not on the government but on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.