Tuesday, November 10, 2009

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Post #462 - Comment Policy:

First and foremost, I encourage good, decent debate to help further a healthy environment for learning concerning the issues that face our country today. We look forward to solving as best we can many of the adverse aspects of the issues which affect our nation that is becoming evermore politically correct.

Just as the description of the title reads, we are dedicated to uniting both fiscal and social Conservatives alike; and that's what we intend to do. We base our views upon the Judeo-Christian foundation that this country was founded upon.

Insofar as opposing views are concerned, we welcome you, and encourage you to share your input.

However, there are certain types of debate in which you can go over the line and your comments will not make it past moderation.

Here are some things you need to remember when commenting:

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  1. Actually you have left violent commentary on Blogs4Victory. I remember you mentioning that you are sometimes blinded by rage, that you would like to pound on people's chests till their organs turn to mush, to string people up, and other friendly ideas. When questioned about it you even said you were likely to quit blogging at B4V because it didn't put you in a good state of mind. But you were right back at it a week or so later.

    The world is never going to agree with you. The best you can do is find a community that accepts you and be happy with that. Luckily we live in a pluralist society (yes I know you hate that aspect of it)and you should be able to find a pocket of people who see things your way. Just stop thinking you are going to convert everyone with "the truth". Its never going to happen and its bad for your blood pressure.

  2. Anonymous,

    Certainly we have all went overboard. And yes, I am one of them. What bothers me the most is not those who indulge in sinful actions, but those who advocate for them. The people who do them, God help them, they have already lost it...so I just have pity for them. But the people who advocate for things like this and these really causes much disdain, because they are the part of if not all of the problem. You cannot advocate for those types of things and be "anti-abortion" and "pro-choice" all at the same time. Of course, it really doesn't matter to them, as the little unborn they deem less than trash. It's just like buying a candy bar and once they've used their portion, they throw away the rest...only in the case of abortion, you look in the trash can and instead of seeing a candy wrapper, you say a lifeless little body that has been murdered.

    I make no bones about it, people who advocate abortion do make me angry, very angry. They, however, have the same Word that I have, and they have a choice to either follow or reject it.

    As for a pluralist society, it is starting to catch up with America, and it has caused a lot of damage, make no mistake, multiculturalism along with the politically correct aspect of it will lead to the death of our country. And the way I look at it, if it's something that's going to cause disorder and/or chaos, then we need to get it out. We've already seen what it has done to our country thus far. It is high time that we turn back.

    As for my blood pressure, it is fine...and when it does go up a bit from time to time, I have ways to deal with it. Lots of hobbies and pastimes, but the number one thing that we must remember when things aren't going so well is to call on the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.'Perfect love casts out all fear.'

    God bless you, and thank you for commenting!