Tuesday, November 17, 2009

GOP Senator supports leftist judge nominee (OneNewsNow.com)

WASHINGTON (AP) - Some congressional Republicans are threatening a filibuster to block confirmation of a federal appeals court nominee because of his religious rulings. But they won't get the support of Indiana GOP Senator, Richard Lugar.

In 2005, Judge David Hamilton ruled that the Indiana House of Representatives could not open its sessions with prayers that mentioned Jesus Christ or used terms like "savior."

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions noted that Hamilton was willing, however, to allow a Muslim cleric to offer invocations that mention Allah.

Senator Hamilton is the very epitome of what it means to be a RINO (republican-in-name-only), or liberal-lite. He is one who seeks to destroy not only what we stand for in America, but all that we have accomplished in the last 222 years with a foundation upon our Judeo-Christian heritage. Of course, the last 46 years of those 222 years have not brought us very much good due to a Supreme Court that has taken less of a constitutional approach to defining law and by going more with the flow of pop culture...In other words, concocting "law."

In that case, we need a return to our original system of a limited government as the Framers of our Constitution intended. The only one who has access to our personal lives as to regulating what we can and cannot do in a moral sense is Almighty God, and no Supreme Court judge or otherwise has any authority to overstep this.

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GOP Senator supports leftist judge nominee (OneNewsNow.com)

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