Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Indecency wrestles infidelity (

Seductive television commercials, billboards, and websites are encouraging married individuals to take part in affairs.

Bill Johnson (American Decency Association)AshleyMadison is a website that has become increasingly aggressive in selling its services. Bill Johnson, head of the American Decency Association, weighs in on the site's focus.

"[The] understanding is that there's over 4,000,000 members of AshleyMadison basically just laying down the welcome mat for anybody that wants to have an affair." Johnson says the advertisements are "enticing and making [affairs] so available to vulnerable individuals, vulnerable couples, and [they're] obviously doing a great deal of damage."

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Naturally, indecency in the form of adultery is glorified through websites like AshleyMadison that promote it. Doing greater harm is the fact that it creates division in families, especially those family couples that do not possess a strong relationship in the Lord, who should be the center of every family, whether you disagree or not.

Some might think that if everyone kept their marriage vows pure and would do their duties that this kind of thing would not be made available or promoted to the public. Well, you see, that's why it's being promoted, because that is their intent and what they are hoping for by creating these types of websites, although not merely just for the fact that it will entice willing participants, but for the fact that they will make a profit from the proceeds of creating division within the family unit.

Some other "dating" or more aptly applied sex sites need to be investigated as well ... there are many sites on the Internet today that are looking to take advantage of the younger aged adults, by creating these sites so that younger age people can post sexually explicit images of themselves to the Internet, which encourages and promotes promiscuity, bi-sexual affairs, homosexual affairs. Some of these sites include "Fling," "Tagged," and a list of others. All of it centered around an effort to destroy our nation's and the world's backbone, the family unit.

To derail the family is to call upon a nation its destruction by the hand of the Almighty!

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